Faktura.ru RBS-provider

Igor Belikh, Customer Relations Managing Director, BINBANK OJSC:
When the Bank’s IT infrastructure was being transferred to CFT-Bank core banking system (Platform 1), the Bank’s product line lacked one of the basic services for retail customers – Internet bank. Faktura.ru offering was the best from the point of view of solution architecture and the terms for implementation. Faktura.ru Internet banking enabled BINBANK to offer its private customers a high-quality RBS service in a basic configuration and start developing unique opportunities. Highly professional team of Faktura.ru had been actively responding to the demands of our business and secured the whole product implementation process“.
Oleg Tokarev, Chairman of the Management Board of Yediniy Stroitelniy Bank LLC:
“Outsourcing format perfectly fits our bank. We do not spend much funds to launch RBS services, thus we mitigate risks of non-performing investments. Besides, transparent tariff  policy of our partner allows bring a loss-free product to the market, and great experience of CFT GC and volume of transactions performed by Faktura.ru guarantee our customers a high security and fault-tolerance of the service”.
Yevgeny Krotov, Director of IT Department of Kapitalbank JSB OJSC:
“New service enables private customers to manage their bank accounts anytime and anywhere via a simple and convenient web-interface. In cooperation with Faktura.ru, that offers high-level online services, we guarantee private and safe online operation – you are connected to the bank via encoded connection, all transactions are confirmed by a password sent with an SMS message”.
Anna Pushkareva, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Yermak NCJSB CJSC:
“Today it is a vital necessity for a bank to have products for remote banking servicing to provide the customers with high-quality services and satisfy all their financial requirements on personal basis, and that is a basic principle of our business. Partnership with Faktura.ru helped us to solve this task – due to the hosted service – in short time we entered the market with a finished high-quality product without any costs associated with solution development. One more advantage of Faktura.ru is its integrability with the Federal System “Gorod” which increased the number of Nizhnevartovsk’s providers of services available for payment via RBS”.
Irina Akimova, Head of Retail Products Department of Troika-D BANK CJSC:
Our key business priority today is widening retail line of services. We do realize that banking services are in demand only when they are easily accessible and highly functional, that is why we lay emphasis on the development of convenient online cooperation and expect that Internet-banking will raise the transactional activity of current users and contribute to attracting new categories of clients. To fasten this process we offer our customers to start free use of Internet-bank Faktura.ru service just now: we do not charge any fees for connection or any monthly fee”.
Aleksandr Banas, Head of Customer Service Department of Derzhava JSCB:
“Customers’ interests have always been our key priority, that is why when we changed for a new remote banking system, we aimed to reduce reputation risks that might appear due to the possible pause in providing online-services. Cooperation with Faktura.ru in the format of outsourcing secured fast transit to a new solution and we managed to transfer our clients from the previous RBS under a plan, providing continuity of customers remote servicing. Today, institutions that have received digital signature certificates, are actively exploring opportunities of the new multi-service RBS. We expect that tariff policy of Faktura.ru will help to decrease the initial cost of remote servicing while the demand for online services provided by our bank will grow on”.
Ivan Neprokin, First Deputy Head of the Chairman of the Management Board of Noviy Kreditniy Soyuz JSCB:
“During our transit to a new processing of international cards our partners from CFT GC offered us to widen opportunities for cardholders and provide them with Internet-bank to perform card transactions and pay for services. As such “addition” is technologically easy and RBS service as a payment instrument is quite an important issue for many users of banking services, the decision was not long in coming".
Pavel Pavlov, Head of Plastic Cards Unit of MFBank CB LLC:
“Modern RBS is an integral part of retail business development strategy of MFBank. When we provide our customers with broad opportunities of cash management, we will not only increase our retail audience but also raise the demand for the bank’s other financial products. Due to an effective online-channel our customers will enjoy high-quality banking servicing rendered in the format of 24х7х365 and be sure in safe financial transactions”.