CFT – Core Banking Systems

Sergey Kachura, Senior Vice-President, Head of Operating and IT Support Unit of BINBANK OJSC:  
“The transit to CFT-Bank core banking system was a unique project, as it was performed in record-short time (6 months) and what is even more important it was done perfectly without any force-majeure for Bank’s customers and business”.
Aleksey Kitayev, Senior Vice-President, Financial Director of BINBANK OJSC:
“The project team involved in installation of CFT-bank core banking system united specialists from the Bank and CFT Company. I do consider they have managed to do the tasks perfectly, although there were certain difficulties with deadlines and the Bank’s active growth in 2013. Today the Bank has got a safe platform that supports Bank’s cash flow, provides correlation of management and accounting, upgrades business processes related to general administrative expenses”.
Nina Shurmina, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Investtorgbank CB: 
“Cooperation with the Center of Financial Technologies will let us enter a qualitatively new level of customer servicing, refine our business processes. Implementation of modern IT solutions gives us a strong competitive advantage for effective business management”.
Dmitry Kuznetsov, IT Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board  of ZhilFinans Bank:
“ZhilFinans Bank is actively using new solution to grow its business, strengthen its positions in the financial market. Implementation of CFT-Bank became a strategically important step for us. The Bank has got CFT-Bank’s core accounting component, new financial settlements center and application for automation of retail customer servicing, lending business and reporting. Our project team has successfully implemented and launched CFT-Bank System. It reduced costs for standard implementation of new ABS. The vendor has provided us with the system implementation technology, standard implementation plans and stepwise project algorithm. CFT’s specialists gave us support at every implementation stage”.
Yaroslav Medoks, IT Director of Miraf-Bank CJSC CB: 
“In its 20th anniversary Miraf-Bank is entering a new stage in its development. New growing business requirements call for new approaches to automation. The bank has considered a number of various modernization perspectives of its applicable architecture and eventually decided in favor of complex outsourcing offered by CFT group of companies. CFT’s offer turned out to be the best appropriate for Miraf-Bank. We are looking forward to cooperating with the CFT Group of Companies”.
Anna Moskvina, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of KEDR CJSC CB:
“All primary tasks have been already completed in KEDR bank. We are satisfied by the project and we are getting ready to continue our cooperation with CFT. There are several implementation stages ahead. In the nearest future we are going to transfer all Bank’s branches to CFT-Bank informational complex”.
Aleksandr Panasenko, Head of IT Department of Idea Bank OJSC: 
“The key issue for Idea Bank is providing convenient, hi-tech and safe financial services to its customers. Development of card business is part of our strategy aimed at creation of idea Bank which focuses on fulfillment of wishes and application of ideas of our customers. Our aim is to develop individual and innovative products and we hope that in cooperation with CFT GC we will faster and more effectively manage to implement the Bank’s ideas for customers, respond to changing customers’ demands and development of technical banking market. The coming project is our first experience of IT outsourcing. We do hope for its successful implementation and we plan to use CFT-Bank’s functions in our activity even wider during the current year”.
Olesya Firsik, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of OJSC JSCB International Financial Club (IFC Bank):  
“We have chosen Russian vendors to be our partners and finally decided on CFT. Why? Because we were interested in a product-oriented system, which starts not from a bank posting, but from the transaction, the product. The system is quite complicated, but we have managed to implement it in quite a short time – within half a year. In November 2008 we started analyzing the market supply and in the middle of 2009 we have already launched the core banking system. Earlier it took twenty minutes to manually process the deposit – complete the documents, deposit forms, bank transactions. We have installed CFT’s deposit module and currently the transaction on opening a deposit takes two-three minutes. We decided not to combine different modules of various vendors. Nearly all our modules are those designed by CFT”.
(from an interview with
Oksana Demidevsky, Acting Chairman of the Management Board of Universalbank Commercial Bank S.A. (Moldova):  
“I have first acquainted with CFT Company in 2000. Even then I was struck by high competence and those pioneer methods they use to solve and implement tasks. CFT Platform is a real new-generation product meeting all requirements of a modern market. I can proudly say that Universalbank S.A. Commercial Bank became the first partner of the CFT Company in Moldova and we combined forces to implement our plans. We definitely have a lot of large-scale and amazing projects ahead”. 
Vladimir Sandrigailo, Head of IT Department of BPS-Bank OJSC (Belorussia): 
“After IT modernization our bank has got a strong innovative platform for competitive development and qualitative customer servicing on the one hand, and our internal processes have been upgraded and unified, on the other hand. Major advantages of created system are great functionality, scalability and high performance”.
Baktigul Zheyenbayeva, Chairman of the Management Board of KIRGIZSTAN JSCB: 
“We regard CFT as our strategic partner. A long-term project includes several stages of company’s products implementation. At the first stage, which has already begun, we implement CFT-bank core banking system. Later we shall implement a number of products by services provided to our customers on the basis of IT solutions, such as Internet banking, SMS banking, remote account management, etc. As you can see, we have great plans. We are sure, we have made a correct decision when choosing IT partner. We do hope for a successful cooperation”.