CardStandard Payment Center

Georgiy Guselnikov, Executive Director , Venets Bank:
“Plastic cards processing services today is one of the basic indicators of bank’s service quality. Fair enough, we appreciate the time and funds of our customers, and we did our best to upgrade payment transactions data processing system as promptly as possible to extend potential and effectiveness of the banking cards service. Such shift to a qualitatively new level became possible due to the clear, well-coordinated and highly-professional team work of our new partner – CardStandard PC that, being under time pressure, managed not only to restore our clients’ cards to service, but also to redefine our bank’s card business”.
Denis Satin, Head of the Payment Systems Management Department, National Standard Bank:
“When we launched the project on outsourced processing we aimed to reduce costs and raise effectiveness of bank’s structural subdivisions, as well as to implement new modern products and services, such as remote banking servicing provided via Internet-bank, Mobile bank and ATM network. As a result Bank’s cards holders will be able to remotely receive information on their cards and accounts, promptly manage their accounts and cards, perform money transfers, and pay for mobile services, housing and utility and other. The co-project with CardStandard PC moved the bank to a new level of personal interaction with the clients that enabled us to promptly enter new banking products to the market and offer them to the customers using their personal information spaces”.