Golden Crown – Banking Card Service

Artyom Zenkov, Deputy General Director of Levoberezhniy Bank: 
“Retail banking has always been key business line of Levoberezhniy Bank. In order to automate business sector, namely, to enter new products and services to our network, we use the solutions of our partner, the Golden Crown – Money Transfer Payment System, as we have a long and successful cooperation experience.
For ATM network development the Bank uses technological complex containing software components: CFT Processing Node, CFT ATM, CFT Self-Service Device, and CFT Terminal. Oracle-based CFT Retail Bank System is used as a back office for accounting retail business transactions. This complex enabled the Bank to arrange its ATM network so that its customers can perform any banking transactions via the network of self-service devices, namely: payment for services, loan repayment, deposit opening, card to card transfers, connection to Mobile Bank, deposit of funds to an account and many other transactions. The client is identified by card of any payment system being the access key to his/her bank accounts.
Andrey Spivakov, Managing Director of Sovkombank ICB:
“Since 2009 Sovkombank has been using Golden Crown’s solution – CFT Retail Bank (Oracle-based) as a full-function retail system. During this time the system has proved to be universal, scalable and highly adaptable to the current demands of the bank’s business. The bank has largely expanded to the regions and has significantly developed its retail network. CFT Retail Bank Complex allowed us to manage the support of the bank’s branch network – all offices from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Krasnodar are operating in the single information space.
The System enables Sovkombank to actively develop its retail lending, provide its private clients with a wide line of products including monetary and commodity loans, co-brand credit cards with trade networks, classic credit cards being the cards of Golden Crown, MasterCard payment systems and co-branded cards. It is worth mentioning that CFT Retail Bank System is highly productive – it is processing more than 6 mln documents per day and this number is still increasing.
I would like to note that the implemented solution not only satisfies the bank’s current demands, but also complies with the business development strategy for the coming years which is one of the key criteria for a banking information system for us”.
Yakov Ginsburg, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Aksept CB: 
“In August 2012 we have launched a pilot project on implementing “Personal Offers” Service to Aksept Bank. The core of the service lies in informing the Bank’s customer on its offers designed directly for this customer via self-service devices. The Bank gets consequently closer to a customer; we can say that the Bank personally applies to the customer, which is certainly is a way to increase the customer’s loyalty towards the Bank, as the customer feels the Bank knows him.
As a projected offer provided in ATMs and self-service terminals we have informed the payroll customers on preliminary approved loans. This helped to inform the clients on the Bank’s offers and increased the number of preliminary approved loans by one third.
It is great that the service operates very quickly so that the time for servicing clients didn’t increase.
Later we plan to use this service to congratulate our clients on their birthdays, gender holidays and to promote specific offers by client categories, etc.”
Kamal Bushi, Executive Director of the Russian Standard Bank: 
“Merchant acquiring of the Russian Standard Bank is being largely developed due to the   partnership with the Golden Crown Payment System, this Agreement allowed the Russian Standard Bank to significantly increase opportunities for trade and service companies processing clients’ payments. The acquiring offer of the Russian Standard Bank is unique as it allows to perform cashless payments by cards of all leading international payment systems and we are glad to have the Golden Crown leading national payment system among them”.