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Social Responsibility

Contribution to Socio-economic Development and Responsible Industry-Wide Position
Innovative products and solutions are the key components of the CFT Group’s social responsibility, which focuses on social and economic aspects that allow us to greatly enhance the speed of business development in many industries, increase performance and significantly raise living standards.
As one of the largest Russian software companies, the CFT Group has a responsible social and economic position. Thus, we actively cooperate with industrial and public organizations, interacting with market players, authorities, regulating entities, customers and partners.  
Corporate Social Plan
The CFT Group is a team of professionals whose work is based on mutual support and respect for each member’s opinion. CFT has adopted a corporate social plan to provide each employee with the professional development and career opportunities, a competitive and adjustable salary, and social security. 
Support and Training for IT Professionals
The CFT Group, like its customers, relies on a team of professionals, and we focus on the sustainable development of this asset. Professional development for CFT’s IT specialists includes:
  • support in professional training and development;
  • support of the educational program for secondary, vocational school and university students;
  • proprietary education and professional development programs for bank employees;  and
  • opportunities for students and graduates to obtain study placements in the Group.
Support for Charitable Projects
Charity projects represent a crucial component of the CFT Group’s corporate strategy. Our charitable activities include strategic charity and social investment programs in the following key areas:
  • development of our own project, National Charity, based on the unique technology and infrastructure of the Group;
  •  участие в коалиционных благотворительных проектах;participation in coalition charitable projects;
  • development in the culture of charitable corporate activity; and
  • targeted personal support to war veterans and veteran employees.
Efficiency is a crucial requirement for all the social and charitable projects that seek the involvement of the CFT Group. Accordingly, the Group interacts with charity recipients mainly through non-profit charity funds whose impeccable reputations are confirmed by their reports and corresponding documents.   ​
Social Responsibility