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The CFT Group works cooperatively with world leaders in hardware and software sector.
The world’s largest supplier of software designed to manage information and the second-largest supplier of software in general. Most CFT’s software is Oracle-based. Center of Financial Technologies is a participant of the Oracle ExaStack Ready.
Center of Financial Technologies is an Oracle Platinum Partner.
A global supplier of key technologies for corporate customers and end users. The company delivers solutions related to IT infrastructure, personal computers and access devices, system integration services, customer support and outsourcing as well as printing and display equipment for large, medium and small scale businesses and end users.  
Center of Financial Technologies is a НР Preferred Partner.  
Cisco Systems
The world’s leading Internet equipment manufacturer. The Internet and corporate networks of most businesses, educational and government organizations worldwide are based on Cisco integrated IP protocol solutions. Cisco Systems offer the widest range of solutions to facilitate data, voice, and video image transmission within the building, the number of buildings or the global network.
Center of Financial Technologies is a Cisco Registered Partner.
The world’s largest IT corporation, has been the leader in B2B innovation development and implementation for more than 90 years. Using its own resources and those of its business partners in 170 countries, IBM offers a vast array of services, solutions and technologies for the companies to fully benefit from the new electronic era. 
American Power Conversion (APC)
The world’s leading provider of solutions on engineering infrastructure for data processing centers. APC’s solutions prevent the causes of downtime, data loss, and equipment damage resulting from power failures and overheating. Its comprehensive corporate and home solutions improve manageability, availability and performance of different scales for sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment.

Today, APC is the recognized industry leader, with more than 5,000 employees worldwide. It is rated among the largest companies by Fortune 1000, Forbes 500, the NASDAQ 100 and the S&P 500. CFT is a Silver Partner of APC and is among its Top 100 strategic partners.
Hitachi Data Systems
A leading manufacturer of data storage hardware and software, as well as a supplier of associated ready-made solutions. HDS is a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., the largest Japanese electronics manufacturer. Hitachi Data Systems offers a full range of solutions on data storage in complex computer systems and the best available technologies, all from a single supplier. The company, with a headcount of 3,200 employees, delivers to more than 170 countries. One of every two companies in the Fortune 100 is an HDS customer. Key consumers of Hitachi Data Systems solutions include the credit, financial and telecommunications industries. Center of Financial Technologies is a Silver Partner of Hitachi Data Systems.
The world’s leader in products, services and solutions for information storage and management. Its core activity involves the development and production of data storage and software for the management of information infrastructures. EMC has representative offices in more than 60 countries, including Russia. Center of Financial Technologies is an EMC Affiliate Partner.
Компания INPAS
INPAS (Innovative Payment Solutions)—The largest supplier of technology solutions in the Russian acquiring market incorporated in 1994. As a company of INLINE Technologies Group INPAS delivers developments based on the hardware and software of the world’s leading developers, such as VeriFone and Gemalto.
Intel Corporation
The world’s largest microprocessor producer and one of the leading manufacturers of PC, computer network and communications hardware. Most CFT servers and workstations are based on Intel processors.
Fujitsu Siemens Computers
A leading European IT company with the strategic activities such as development and implementation of key business applications and development of the next-generation mobile solutions. The Company provides solutions for pocket and desktop PCs as well as those for the corporate realm. Fujitsu Siemens Computers leads in all the key markets of Europe, Middle East and Africa. With the power, innovative force and global geography of its founding companies, Fujitsu Limited and Siemens AG, Fujitsu Siemens Computers can meet the demands of large corporations, small and middle businesses and end users. 
One of the recognized leaders in the Russian computer market, with involvement in the manufacture and supply of computer hardware ranging from workstations to high-end servers. The Company’s manufacturing process meets ISO 9001 requirements. Currently, Kraftway is the only national producer of hardware whose server equipment has been tested and certified as compatible with CFT’s products and officially recommended for use in the Gorod and CFT-Bank systems (Platform 1).
Delta Systems
A leading provider of IT solutions and consulting services for automation in the retail banking sector. The Company specializes in the supply of software and hardware solutions, including ATMs, electronic cashiers, information payment terminals and kiosks; self-service network monitoring and control; payment applications; consulting services related to the build-up and development of bank branch networks; self-service security and other solutions, providing a complete range of services to support delivered solutions. Delta Systems delivers comprehensive projects for retail development in banking.

National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH)
The largest company in the Russian credit-report market. It was incorporated on March 30, 2005 upon the initiative of the Russian Bank Association, and functions on the basis of the Federal Law on Credit Reports. Cooperation between NBCH and CFT is intended to expand the customer base and list of services for current and potential customers through the implementation and support of data-exchange formats with NBCH in the CFT’s applications. (Ownership of the data-exchange formats Trans Union Crif Decision Solutions LLС belongs to Trans Union Crif Decision Solutions LLС and/or the licensees of Trans Union Crif Decision Solutions LLС.)