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Customer loyalty policy
CFT’s customer loyalty policy refers to long-term cooperation principle. We increase our innovative experience and create deep industry expertise to provide our customers with services and products allowing them to develop new business lines and upgrade current processes. For more than 20 years of operation in the market, CFT managed to shape a greatly valued client portfolio of which we are extremely proud.
To successfully develop client cooperation we work towards: 
·         Continuous improvement of product line;
·         Constant development of new services designed to maximize customer loyalty;
·         Implementation of complex solutions to optimize clients’ business;
·         Widening of customer business-cooperation models, namely consistent development of complex outsourcing services;
·         Systematic work aimed at personnel development.


Andrey Visyaschev,
Chairman of CFT GC Management Board

Management of CFT Company is attentive to stable mutually profitable partnership with clients and partners recognizing, namely, the importance of a transparent financial policy of a Company to ensure partners’ trust and loyalty. Thus we find it necessary to inform our clients and partners on key principles applied to ensure a long-term financial reliability of the Company:  
·         The company applies conservative debt policy. CFT has never attracted and does not plan to attract any foreign debt. Debt policy confirmed by the shareholders refers to any foreign debt approved directly by shareholders and in any case the debt to EBITDA ratio (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) is capped at 0.5;
·         CFT’s dividend policy refers to high priority placed on investments into development and ensuring the company’s sustainable business;
·         CFT company is regularly audited under IFRS standards;
·         Committees on strategy, audit and ethics are implemented and operate in the company. 
We believe in significant market growth of financial IT services in Russia and CIS countries and we suppose that our desire to stay a reliable supplier of highly demanded products and services will help us further participate in the market evolution.
Customer loyalty policy