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Center of Financial Technologies (CFT) is a group of innovative companies that develop high-technology solutions for the finance sector and other industries in Russia and the CIS countries.
CFT’s core activity involves design, development and replication of high-tech solutions for the credit and financial organizations, including a wide range of processing services and trainings for bank employees.

CFT’s unique business model is based on the simultaneous development of software and processing to ensure steady growth at a rate exceeding the market average.
Position in the Market
CFT is among the Top 5 Software Developers in the Russian market and leads in terms of business scale among national companies developing software for the finance sector.
The customers of the CFT Group include the largest banks with business in Russia, leading banks of the CIS countries and leading Russian retail networks.
Mission and Strategy
The CFT Group’s major goal is to strengthen the Group’s position in the Russian and international software and processing services markets based on the development of innovative products and solutions for banking and other sectors of governance and the economy.
The CFT Group’s strategic goals, which are based on the efficient development of the Group’s business, involve the development of innovative, efficient products and solutions that: provide the Group’s customers with the opportunity to start and maintain profitable business; significantly contribute to the enhancement of performance, upgrading and innovative development of key economic areas; and facilitate improvement of the social sector and raise the living standards of the population.
Social Responsibility
The CFT Group’s social responsibility encompasses extensive relations between the representatives of all stakeholders, such as government authorities, regulatory organizations, consumers, partners, employees and investors. It is determined in CFT’s mission and strategy, which aim to facilitate the upgrading and innovative development of the Russian economy and social sector.
About us