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The introduction and use of CFT IT designed for the transport sector allows transport companies that provide services to the population to dramatically increase their income and substantially improve the quality of passenger service.         
 CFT technologies are necessary for:      CFT Solutions:
Improved profitability and quality of customer service
  1. Profit increase by 15–30% by eliminating the human factor from calculations
  2. Daily settlement of services provided to the population: timely, complete calculations (with the prepayment option)
  3. Reducing the cost of conversion and collection of cash
  4. 100% accounting of concession travel allowances and transport compensation for concession categories of citizens, based on the services actually rendered
  5. Unlimited number of tariff plans, flexible tuning of the system for creating special travel passes, zones and multiple rates
  6. Reduction of the time needed for passenger service, with improved service practices. 
Management of customer loyalty
  1. Segmentation of client database and incentives exclusively for loyal customers
  2. Coalition programs with major federal and local retailers and banks