The CFT Group is one of the only companies in the Russian market with the technology and resources needed to offer retailers, service and trading companies a wide range of high-performance products along with full service, from legal, accounting, marketing consulting and the development of individual IT solutions to the implementation of coalition loyalty programs, regardless of their complexity. 
 CFT technologies are essential for:      CFT Solutions:
Profitability increase
  1. Expanding the number of offered services
  2. Sourcing of new customers  
  3. For online shops: expansion of client database through customers of partners.
Effective management of customer loyalty
  1. Segmentation of client database and incentives exclusively for loyal customers
  2. Analysis of consumer behavior and creation of personal marketing offers an increasing profit margin for each successive bill
  3. A complex system of crediting/withdrawal of bonuses
  4. Coalition programs with major federal and local retailers and banks
  5. Additional financial and information services in points of sale—acceptance of payments (mobile phone and utilities), receipt of credit and credit payments 
Improved quality of customer service
  1. Low fees
  2. Fast service (faster than cash) Payment via Golden Crown cards takes a maximum of 4 seconds
  3. 100% secure
  4. Possibilities for effective management of customer loyalty
  5. For online shops—an additional option for customers to pay for goods and services through the FakturaPay technology