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  National Administration

The activities of the CFT Group in the implementation and introduction of IT solutions for the national institutions are based on three components:
  1. Development of high-tech solutions for tasks in automated monitoring, clearing and settlement, control and management in the public sphere;
  2. Solution implementation and organization of effective interaction among all participants: national bodies, transport companies, banks, insurance companies, medical institutions, pharmacies and other stakeholders;
  3. Support and development of systems—sourcing of new members, expanding  functionality, merging and integration of systems at the regional and federal levels.


 CFT technologies are essential for:  CFT Solutions:
Collection of fees for services, fines, duties
  1. Provision of citizens with a wide range of options for paying off state fees, fines and other types of payments: by cash and bank transfer; in banks’ cashiers, ATMs, via Internet and mobile phone
  2. Usage of a centralized federal infrastructure for receipt of payments
  3. Control of debt repayment and additional notifications to debtors
  4. Исключение потери и реализация на следующий банковский день перечисления собранных средствExclusion of loss and transfer of collected funds on the next business day
Personalized accounting, control and quality management of provided measures for social security to concession categories of population
  1. Delivery of cash, plus social and other benefits: compensations, pension, allowances, subsidies, wages and others
  2. Banking services, with the provision of various banking services, including deposits and savings, discounted payment for goods and services
  3. Management of funded part of pension, with the ability to view information on the status and transfer of additional funds to the funded part of pension
  4. Accounting of medical benefits in district medical centers, hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  5. Accounting of provision with concessional medicine and medicine within the system of additional drug supply (required drug supply)
  6. Accounting and payment of travel expenses of concession categories of citizens in public transport
  7. Accounting and compensation of benefits and subsidies for utility services

Creation of the Unified Social Register of concession categories of citizens, and its automated processing
  1. Automated personalized accounting of actual provided social security
  2. Real-time control of the intended use of financial resources allocated to social programs
  3. Creation of a common information area
  4. A high level of identification of citizens eligible for social security in official automated accounting systems 
  5. Timely monitoring of socio-economic processes associated with the provision of services to concession categories of citizens
  6. Improvement of the quality of public services related to social security through:
  • Implementation of the ‘single window’ principle and acceleration of time needed for customer service;
  • Social security;
  • Optional use of a multi-functional electronic card and certain types of cards: social, transport, insurance, etc., including those for different categories of citizens.
National Administration