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The CFT Group offers a range of modern, high-technology solutions and services that make it possible to standardize business processes of insurance companies, centralize and integrate applications, expand the infrastructure of insurance premium receipt and substantially improve the quality of passenger service.
CFT technologies are necessary for:            CFT Solutions:
Automation and centralization of activities
  1. Significant reduction of operating costs through consolidated management of resources
  2. Additional yield
  3. Reduction of risks
  4. Improved manageability of general business processes
Offering customers user-friendly services and additional infrastructure for payment of insurance premiums
  1. Offering customers a broad network of outlets that receive insurance premiums and the full range of possibilities for their transfer: by cash and bank transfer, at banks’ cashiers, ATMs (including those accepting cash deposit), via Internet and mobile banking
  2. Offering customers the ability to transfer insurance premiums through FakturaPay technology on the website of the insurance company
  3. Improved collection of insurance premiums
  4. Projections of cash inflows: information about transferred insurance payments, available any time
Management of customer loyalty
  1. Segmentation of client database and incentives exclusively for loyal customers
  2. Analysis of consumer behavior and creation of personal marketing offers
  3. Coalition programs with major federal and local retailers and banks