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The CFT Group is Russia’s largest developer of high-tech solutions for the banking industry.
CFT offers software solutions covering all areas of activity within a credit institution, including corporate services, retail services, operation in financial markets, management accounting, budgeting, bank intra-business activity management, etc.

CFT software is developed in accordance with the best business practices of real projects, and it fully satisfies the highest standards of modern banking. Therefore, virtually any business task a bank may require can be accomplished with a well-tuned CFT solution. That solution will have proved itself amid the conditions of the real market. Moreover, it will be guaranteed to run on time and will allow the credit institution to achieve its objectives.

Along with the development of effective software solutions, CFT provides credit organizations with the full range of services for their implementation, support, development and outsourcing. We also conduct training sessions for banking professionals, giving them the skills needed to work with all the major products of the company.

CFT solutions for banks take into account specific characteristics of the Russian legislation, business practices of the credit organizations and regional aspects.
Banking System
CFT, in the area of banking automation, offers well integrated software solutions. The bank has an opportunity to determine the extent to which these integrated solutions will be used, depending on the size of the business or the specific needs of today and tomorrow.
Technological platforms for CFT information systems:
All-round automation of banking activity:
Bank management systems:


Full-range services for all types of retail payments:     CFT Solutions:
 All types of cards
  1. Differentiation of products and services from various similar proposals of other banks
  2. Sourcing of new customers
  3. Increase in cross-selling
  4. Creation of a single contact center for the customer, with all the necessary financial services
  5. Provision of personalized service for each customer
  6. Increase in customer loyalty to the bank
Money transfer
  1. A ‘single window’ for the nine transfer systems implemented in the teller’s automated workstation
  2. Flexible fee structure with an option that allows the sender to define fees on his/her own
  3. Self-service terminals for transfers without opening an account, 24/7, out-of-office
  4. Full automation of the money-transfer procedure
  5. Large-scale network in Russia and the CIS
  6. Transfer preparation and sending 7 times faster, through the use of separate cards for the recipient and sender
Acceptance of payments for all services
  1. Fee acquisition
  2. Acceptance of payments in favor of federal and regional service providers: public utilities, communication, credit payment, traffic-police fines, fees, insurance premiums, etc.
  3. Payments through ATMs, self-service terminals, Internet and cell phones
  4. Standardization of work with all service providers
  5. No manual handling of receipts, with less time needed for customer service
  6. Convenient service for customers:
  • Without account books and receipts
  • Control of payments and charges
  • Accounting of benefits 
  • Review of debts
  • All payments in 2 minutes
  • Payment not bound to a city or region
  • Cards for customer identification.
Internet and mobile banking
  1. Security
  2. All-round remote customer service
  3. User-friendly interface
  4. Full range of customer services:
  • Information on balances and transaction history for all accounts
  • Transfer of funds between accounts
  • Payments to third parties
  • Credit payment
  • Payment for utilities and other services
  • Assistance from bank specialists through the system of electronic messages
  • Payment for goods and services in online shops
  • Fund management through unit investment funds.
Infrastructural and social projects
  1. Acquisition of transaction fees in the automated system
  2. Cross-selling of services 
  3. Expansion of the client database to include social groups such as pensioners, students and other concession groups 
  4. Strengthening of the bank’s position in the city/region by reducing risks, including those associated with exclusion from the market or acquisition by federal financial institutions 
  5. Gaining the status of a safe, secure and socially valuable bank in the eyes of the administration and citizens of the city/region
“ATM Mini-Bank”
  1. Extended functionality of the bank’s self-service for efficient distant sales of retail services and organization of out-of-office service of Golden Crown cards
  2. Opportunities for customers:
  • Account management
  • Credit payment
  • Account opening
  • Online management of foreign-currency accounts.