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  Utilities, Energy, Services for the Population

The CFT Group has extensive experience in effective communication with companies and organizations that provide large-scale services to citizens.
Energy, utilities companies, companies involved in communication of all kinds, educational and other institutions and organizations are able to significantly reduce their financial and organizational costs for the collection and accounting of fees, using high-tech CFT solutions.
CFT technologies are necessary for: CFT Solutions:
Centralized and automated receipt and processing of payments from the population
  1. Improved collection of payments
  2. Transfer of funds in full on the next business day
  3. Reduced overhead costs for the collection of payments through automated processing of electronic registers instead of handling receipts manually
  4. A broad network of payment acceptance outlets
  5. Full information about the number and amount of payments made 
  6. Projections of cash inflows: information about collected payments is available at any time
Automation and unification of the work of all departments within directorates of integrated customer, managing housing companies, housing and utilities administration, departments of social protection and other participants in urban infrastructure 
  1. Significant increase in collection of payments for utility services
  2. Control over intended use of funds
  3. Security and access rights to databases for participants of the system
  4. Reimbursement of expenses for various categories of beneficiaries from budgets of all levels
  5. Real-time control over organizations that collect payments in real time
  6. High-speed service with minimized manual labor
  7. Optimized reporting at the local and regional levels
Automated real-time crediting with benefits and subsidies and improved mode of updates for processed information for beneficiaries
  1. Personal records of beneficiaries
  2. Full control over charges for utility services within the social norms, and the calculation of subsidies
  3. The ability to transfer subsidies to citizens’ personal accounts
  4. Accounting and processing of applications for subsidies
  5. Accounting of housing and maintenance according to asset holders
  6. Accounting of registered citizens, their monthly income and benefits
  7. Maintenance of reference data (minimum monthly wage, living wage)
  8. Interaction with charging systems
Work of passport registration officers responsible for registration of citizens in the territory of residential areas of managing companies, managing housing companies and housing cooperatives
  1. Registration procedures for individuals
  2. Accounting of registration data and history of prior registrations
  3. Reports for military offices and other organizations
  4. Storage of various reference and statistical information about individuals
Management of banking transactions via Internet banking
  1. Importation/exportation of documents during work with accounting software
  2. A flexible system of access restriction for employees to financial information
  3. Single-window browsing for the accounts of organizations opened in various partner banks of Faktura.ru
Utilities, Energy, Services for the Population