Vietnamese Bankers are Introduced to the CFT’s Solutions

Hanoi hosted a Russian-Vietnamese banking session, which focused on discussions of the newest IT-technology for the banking sector. At the session, senior managers from Vietnamese banks and major public corporations, as well as representatives of the State Bank of Vietnam were presented with the CFT Group’s software products and business solutions created for companies involved in credit and financing and for the state-owned corporations.

The session was organized by the Business Council of Cooperation with Vietnam and sponsored by the Central Bank of Russia, Vietnamese-Russian Joint Venture Bank, the Chambers of Industry and Commerce of both countries, the Russian Embassy, and the Russian Trade Mission in Vietnam.

The session was attended by managers from the State Bank of Vietnam and the representatives of the largest commercial banks of the SRV, such as the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), the Vietnam-Russia Joint Venture Bank (VRB), Techcombank, Maritime Bank, Military Bank, and others, as well as the representatives of the Petrovietnam state oil and gas corporation and the Vietnamese mass media.

The session was opened by Sergei Briginevich, the Russian trade representative in Vietnam, who said in his speech, ‘Leading banks and major corporations in Vietnam are growing quickly and have reached the level where they need to implement the most advanced banking information technology, and Russia is willing to assist its Vietnamese partners in this task. Russia has extensive IT experience and Russian IT experts have successfully worked on many international projects. Today we are happy to be able to share our sophisticated experience with Vietnam. This is just a first, introductory session, which will be followed by detailed negotiations on bilateral, high-tech, IT cooperation.’

At the session, the CFT’s leading specialists presented the newest IT trends for the finance sector to the senior managers of Vietnamese banks and major government-owned corporations, as well as representatives of the State Bank of Vietnam. The audience was briefed on the key software developed by CFT for banks and major government-owned corporations.

In particular, they were shown a package of banking information software called CFT-Bank. This system has an important competitive advantage in the international market because it is compatible with similar international systems, can be configured to the customer’s specific needs, can be adapted to banking practices in various countries, quickly implemented, and has a user-friendly interface.


This event showed the keen interest of the Vietnamese banks in CFT’s software solutions. Year after year, there has been increasing growth in the assets of the Vietnamese banks, new businesses have been launched, and new financial services have been developed. But for their banking industry to continue to progress, it requires adequate IT support, and CFT’s software and business solutions are perfectly suited to automate both business development and the construction of a flexible and dynamic infrastructure.