BaikalInvestBank: Strategic Business Development Based on CFT Solutions 

BaikalInvestBank OJSC, major bank of the Angara Region, carries on its IT infrastructure modernization project aimed at provision of the support of business development through IT in accordance with the Bank strategy to reinforce market positions. The IT modernization project at BaikalInvestBank includes complex automation of the key business blocks of the financial institution with CFT solutions.
The foundation for the IT modernization was laid in 2016 – CFT-Bank banking information system was launched at BaikalInvestBank. The project is currently at the stage of functional expansion of the new ABS and connection of BaikalInvestBank to the National Gorod System, and CFT specialists are branding the mobile application for the Bank.
When commenting on the intermediary results of the IT project under implementation Nadezhda Bobyleva, Chairman of the Board of BaikalInvestBank, says: “It is probably too early to speak about our business growth in terms of numbers as we are only at the first project stage. But we have already achieved one of the goals that had been set at the project launch, i.e. the banking system productivity has grown and the random system shutdown risk due to overload has been mitigated. We hope that the implemented CFT solutions complex will support the Bank business at high technological level. Thus, CFT-Bank is a quite flexible solution, which is well-adapted to changes. These are the factors that are necessary for the IT to keep up with new business requirements. The CFT solutions implemented by us are focused directly on the improvement of business process efficiency and cutting down of costs.”
At present, securities operations, personnel records, and payroll assessment of BaikalInvestBank are transferred to CFT-Bank. In autumn, big payroll projects will be transferred to the new ABS – the functionality of batch operations according to registers will allow the Bank to cut down the operating costs due to automatic processing of large scopes of data.
“We have come to an agreement with BaikalInvestBank on complex long-term cooperation – the platform and the infrastructure come from one vendor. This means that we will grow and develop together,” says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of the Board of CFT Group. “Our partner has ambitious strategic plans for business development.”
“The task of CFT is to provide BaikalInvestBank with high-quality technological support and the opportunity to dynamically create new products and new offers to customers. We are ready to expose to our partner our long-term experience in automation of business processes for financial institutions, to quickly react to new requests due to its business growth, and to provide the Bank with our solutions and innovations.”