National Gorod System Supports Payments for All Housing and Utility Services in Russia

The National Gorod System (NGS) has implemented the functionality of payment for all public housing and utility services (HUS), which can become available by activating the service “HUS Payments – RF”.
The technology solution was developed based on integration with the catalogs of the State information system of housing and communal services (SIS HCS). The data on the details of the main utility service providers are received in the Gorod System from the SIS HCS catalogs providing automatic filling-in of most of the beneficiary’s details.
The “HUS Payments – RF” service can be useful for collection of payments if the required utility provider services are missing in the NGS registry. For convenient search, the service appears in the Gorod System when searching by address. It can also be found by name if you enter one or several key words of the service name in the Gorod System. 
At present, you can use the new service at the offices of partner banks or online via the payment account of the National Gorod System. The near-term development plans of the technology solution include connection of all business partners and rendering of the “HUS Payments – RF” service within the whole NGS infrastructure: cash desks, self-service machines, Russian Post offices, remote banking service, and Kukuruza card holders’ payment accounts. If charged, the payment fee will be shown in the respective payment tool before the payment is done. 
“Today, a wide range of services is available through the infrastructure of the National Gorod System: from payments for utilities, taxes, loans and online purchases to tuition fees and charitable contributions. As a payment market aggregator, the Gorod System aims to provide a universal technology platform to everyone who is interested in quick, convenient and secure payments. The opportunity to pay for any utility services via the NGS interface integrated with the SIS HCS catalog, either at payment acceptance outlets or online, is yet another expected step in the development of our technology,” comments Petr Mazanov, Director of the National Gorod System.