AHML has launched a Single Processing Center based on the CFT’s software platform 

Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) has successfully launched a Single Processing Center (SPC), using CFT’s software platform.
CFT and AHML signed a cooperation agreement in August 2010. An analysis of the agency’s unique business procedures was completed in early 2011, and by April the first phase of the work had been finished. Afterward, CFT’s experts, along with the AHML’s project team, prepared the launching of the highly customized functionality for the SPC. User training program was started simultaneously.
AHML operates in all the regions of the country. Regional operators, service agents, primary lender banks, and insurance and appraisal companies play an active role in the process. It is particularly important to be able to standardize and automate the main business procedures of an organization with so many subdivisions. The speed of new products incorporating and existing ones modifying is also critical.
Using the CFT platform’s flexible business logic and powerful customization tools, it was possible to adapt the software to the specific needs of AHML’s business procedures and to create a scalable, integrated solution. The new SPC information system will automatically accept payments from partner banks and centralize their analysis, validation, processing, etc. Thanks to CFT’s extensive experience, the company is familiar with the best practices that meet the Russian Central Bank’s standards for working with a loan portfolio, and these practices were used in developing of the SPC solutions.
The finished project will allow AHML to modify its new and existing mortgage products more quickly, to unify its information processing procedures for registering a consolidated mortgage portfolio and keeping track of borrowers’ financial obligations. Also, it allows adapting banking mechanisms that pertain to the analytical accounting of credit files and automation of the calculating and crediting fees and payments procedure for partner banks.
The functionality, as it is designed, is fully integrated into the ‘Lending’ module of the CFT-Bank system, and will soon be available to CFT’s banking partners in the form of over ten new Application Directories.
Our banking partners’ future plans include expanding the SPC’s functionality as AHML’s business continues to grow.  
Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML)
was founded in September 1997 as an open joint-stock company with 100% state capital. The agency’s primary objective is to implement government programs to provide affordable housing and improve the living conditions of the public. AHML particularly focuses on developing new loan products (including socially oriented) and introducing innovative means to increase the availability of mortgages. Currently, AHML has an active policy aimed at stimulating bank lending for the construction of inexpensive homes. One of AHML’s important functions, as designed by the Russian government, is to ensure the liquidity of Russian commercial banks that provide long-term housing loans to individuals, by purchasing claims on such loans, using the proceeds from securities that were placed on the Russian stock market. As of August 1, 2011, the agency had refinanced more than 219,700 mortgage loans totaling 190.4 million rubles.