CFT is a partner of Association of Strategic Outsourcing (ASTRA)

CFT Company became a partner of the national Association of Strategic Outsourcing ASTRA, a leading Russian professional association of companies engaged in outsourcing. Entering into ASTRA Association is a step forward to promotion of IT outsourcing in the Russian financial market. 

"Partnership actually means for us supporting initiatives aimed at creation of a sound outsourcing market in Russia, promoting the idea of IT outsourcing, accumulation of expertise and practices,  –  says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of the Management Board of CFT GC. – Being one of the leading national developers of software for banks, not only has CFT Company been maintaining market-assigned trend for even more active implementation of IT outsourcing model for several years, but also seeks to be its driver.  CFT has a number of real cases of transfer of partner banks' IT infrastructure to the outsourcing. Partnership with ASTRA Association will lead to large-scale system work aimed at promotion IT outsourcing in the banking sector which in the current social and economic context may get especially valuable. Besides, this is a perfect opportunity for us to exchange experience in new technologies with other Association's members".  

"During recent years we notice significant expansion of outsourcing instruments in a traditionally closed banking structure. This includes CSS for large banks and information security ensured by outside professional companies … Accession of one of the largest supplier of outsourced IT services for Russian banks, - says Sergey Makedonski, President of ASTRA Association – will significantly strengthen our expertise in the financial sphere. I am sure, that our joint participation in the development of Russian services and outsourcing market will lead to the increase in the efficiency of bank performance and, as a result, Russian economy in general".

Association of strategic outsourcing (ASTRA) is an independent Russian center of expertise in outsourcing. The partnership is engaged in developing and localization of industrial outsourcing standards, adaptation of best international experience, analytic research, expertise and consulting, professional training, lobbying of interests of service providers and market participants as well as developing initiatives on legislation amendment.

Since March 2010 ASTRA is an official Russian partner of the Largest International of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP).  

Association of strategic outsourcing ASTRA – a profissional association of outsourcing market participants in Russia and an official partner of International Association of Outsourcing Proffessionals (IAOP) since March 2010. Key target of ASRA is to create industrial outsourcing standards and support a civilized and transparent outsourcing market in Russia. Members of ASTRA are well known companies successfully operating in the outsourcing sector. ASTRA assists institutions in applying outsourcing as a business instrument in order to increase institutions' performance and decrease operating losses.