Moscow-Paris Bank is being transferred to CFT-Bank 

A project on modernization of IT infrastructure is being implemented at JSC Moscow-Paris Bank (Joint Stock Company “Moscow-Paris Bank”). Since 2014, the Bank has been carrying out gradual re-equipment according to the new IT strategy. CFT Group is one of the main partners of the Bank in its implementation.
The key tasks in the strategy of JSC Moscow-Paris Bank are provision of continuous workflow of the financial organization, online integration with third-party services, and information security that should result in improvement of the quality of services provided to customers, extension of the service line, and increase in the scope of implemented bank products.
Within the framework of the implemented technological modernization, JSC Moscow-Paris Bank has already transferred the issue and acquiring of payment cards for servicing to CardStandard Processing Center and connected to remote banking system and Golden Crown money transfer system. The logical continuation of the strategy selected by the financial organization is implementation of CFT-Bank information system.