Rosbank Automates Interaction with DIA Based on CFT Solution

Rosbank and Center of Financial Technologies have successfully completed the project of implementation of CFT applications for interaction with the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), into the IT infrastructure of the credit institution.
The CFT applications installed at Rosbank automate the whole process of interaction with the DIA regarding organization of insurance payments to bank depositors in an insured event, from acceptance of the registry of depositors entitled for insurance premiums to payment of insurance compensations to sending of reports to the DIA.
“The presence of the required functionality and the high availability for integration in the existing IT landscape have determined our choice,” says Denis Sotin, Member of the Management Board and IT Director at Rosbank. “The CFT solution will allow Rosbank to be ready at any time to act as an agent for payment of insurance compensations whenever the DIA announces a tender, to promptly organize and make payments to depositors in an insured event and to provide high quality of customer service. We have already made our first successful payments.”
“The set of applications for interaction with the DIA helps solve two blocks of tasks that credit institutions face when working as a DIA agent bank, viz. data exchange with the DIA, and payment of insurance compensations to depositors whose bank’s license has been revoked,” says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of the Board of CFT Group. “Our partner can make continuous and timely insurance payments to its customers.”