CFT and Tadzhikistan banks: partnership acknowledged by time

CFT Company has held a business seminar for credit and finance organisations of Tadzhikistan on April 2, 2015 in Dushanbe. The seminar "Innovative technologies of CFT designed to solve strategic banks' tasks" has gathered more than 40 representatives from 14 banks in the republic.
Andrey Fomichyov, Deputy Chairman of CFT Group, in his opening speech noted: "CFT is actively operating in CIS market and is one of the leading IT developing company providing software products and financial services to credit institutions of CIS countries. The Company has been strengthening its opposition in the republic for a long time and is well ahead of other vendors by the number of software products implemented in republic's credit institutions. Our software partners are: National Bank of Tadzhikistan, Agroinvestbank, Bank Eskhata, Kont Bank, Fonon Bank, Tadzhikistan Bank of Development (Bonki Rushdi Tojikiston), and MDO Humo. Current market situation, when business processes are becoming more and more complicated, client base is growing and demand in the number of banking products is increasing, encourages banks to use technological innovations to survive. CFT-based solutions allow Tadzhikistan's banks create effective technological infrastructure and develop modern financial products". 
One of CFT's partners, MDO Humo, introduced a case study on implementation and usage of CFT-Bank system. Partnership of CFT with MDO Humo, a leading company in Tadzhikistan market of MDI, started in 2013.  MDO Humo uses CFT-Bank system as a key accounting system for executing microloans.  
Dmitry Zamanov, Head of Financial Products Sales Department in CFT Group, has made a report on the topic "New CFT-Bank. IT instruments to increase profit of a financial organisation". The speaker introduced several functional elements of the new CFT-Bank: "Single point of contact", business analytics unit, indicators.  
New instruments to modify a business model: bank - customer self-service network were announced by Oleg Petunkin¸ Regional Director of CFT Group. He spoke on a new service of the company – "CFT- Self-service networks management". 
A report on "Oracle technologies for financial institutions" was presented by Yegor Prishlyak, Head of System Integration Management of CFT Group. 
Participants of a business seminar have noted high effectiveness of the event – they can receive answers on numerous questions related to bank's business automation. Obtained information will enable Tadzhikistan's banks develop a clear vision of further development of products and technologies.