4 weeks for shift to a new processing: Venets Bank is a new client of CardStandard Processing Center

A project on connecting Venets Bank to CardStandard PC software and hardware platform has been successfully completed.
Since Master-Bank, a core provider of card processing services to Venets Bank, has lost its license, Venets Bank has initiated a search for a new partner able to provide retail card processing on a tight schedule and tolerant to banking market risks.  The Bank has decided in favor of cooperation with an independent provider - CardStandard Processing Center.
Comprehensive planning and thorough technological and organizational preparations were followed by a successful implementation of CardStandard’s project accompanied by the change of a sponsor for a Credit Union Payment Center.
 “Card processing today is one of the core indicators of the level of services rendered by the bank. Time and money of our clients is our primary concern, thus it is perfectly logical that we have managed to perform upgrade of the payment processing in the shortest possible time which lead to increase in functionality and card processing effectiveness. This is a result of a concerned and well-coordinated work of our new partner, CardStandard Processing Center, who managed to recover our card processing system and bring it to a new level “, – says Georgiy Guselnikov, Executive Director of Venets Bank.
“To transfer a bank to a new processing is quite a challenging task which was qualitatively performed by the specialists of CardStandard Processing Center, the shift to a new processing was done in 4 weeks instead of 3-4 months that are usually required”, – says Andrey Aleksandrovich, Director of CardStandard Processing Center.

Venets Bank was established in 1990 as part of Promstroybank’s Operational Department and is among the largest regional banks of Ulyanovsk Region. After 23 years of its existence the Bank was a prizewinner as the “Best Regional Bank” at “Bankovskoye Delo” Award and was awarded the status of a “Regional Partner Bank of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region”. The Bank was assigned “B++” credit rating (AK&M rating agency). Current Bank’s network is represented by 59 locations including 12 supplementary offices in Ulyanovsk city and the Ulyanovsk Region.