CFT has a new partner in the corporate training market

One of the leaders on the Russian market for professional project-management training, PM Expert, has signed a partnership agreement with the Center of Financial Technologies to carry out joint project-management projects in banks and major corporations.
In late December of last year, Center of Financial Technologies embarked on an ambitious project in collaboration with PM Expert to provide its employees with corporate training in professional project management. Experts at CFT’s training center developed this comprehensive training program in order to create a single, corporate, project-management strategy for the company that would include distance-education courses and independent classroom assignments.
At present, more than 200 of CFT’s professional employees are enrolled in the training program. Based on their results, those employees might get the chance to take part in simulation business games led by a trainer from PM Expert. Most of the students went on to enroll in PM Expert’s more advanced courses. Employees earn professional development units (PDUs) for each course they complete. These PDUs are a prerequisite to apply to take the РМР® certification exam.
In September of this year, CFT and PM Expert signed an agreement initiating the next phase of their cooperation. Now, that the two companies are officially partners, CFT can provide its clients with project-management training via long-distance education courses. In addition, as part of PM Expert and CFT’s collaboration, joint projects in simulation games will be created for project implementation teams that include professionals from CFT and various banks. All the participants of the training will receive registered certificates from PM Expert.
‘This partnership is opening up new prospects for both our companies,’ claims Andrei Visyashchev, the CFT Group’s Chairman of the Board. ‘CFT is a well-known player on the IT market for the financial sector. We have decades of experience in this field and we see that most of our clients put the methodology of project management into practice. Through our work with PM Expert, we know we’re speaking a language our clients can understand — the language of reasonable, carefully calculated project parameters that are provided with the resources they need. We believe that this partnership will add greatly to the quality of what we do, which will make our business more effective overall.”
‘PM Expert attempts to bring to the Russian market the most advanced, effective methods of project management, already used successfully all over the world,’ claims PM Expert’s Director General, Alexander Kutuzov. ‘This is why we’re really focusing on this partnership to provide training to the Russian companies that are leaders in their industries. We’re confident that working with Center of Financial Technologies will help us increase the number of companies that want to take their businesses to a new level by using effective management techniques.’

PM Expert
is a leader in project management in Russia. The company provides three types of professional services to manage projects, programs, and portfolios: outsourcing (external project management for a client), consulting (bringing project management to the client’s company), and training (on-site or long-distance project-management training). PM Expert has been an official PMI® R.E.P. (Registered Education Provider) since 2002 and a PMI® Global R.E.P. since 2005, which certifies that PM Expert meets PMI PMBOK® standards, a criteria used by PMI®, and this also gives trainees the right to earn PDUs (Professional Development Units). PM Expert has been part of the Armada Group since 2007. The company’s website can be accessed at