Launch of the new Internet bank interface for natural persons

New Internet bank interface for natural persons implemented using Web 2.0 technology has been launched. Due to the advanced approach to arrangement of visual elements and online interaction with them, the brand new interface will provide for users even more convenient navigation in the wide product line and easier and quicker familiarization with new services.
The Internet bank interface has a set of important advantages based on simplicity and convenience for the user: advanced menu structure, intelligent search of services, online interaction with visual elements and other new web design solutions.
“At a certain stage it became clear that extension of the service functionality can complicate perception of information by the user. So we decided to develop a brand new interface with intelligent structure, on a modern platform, using advanced Internet technologies,” says Madina Mukanova, Director of
The new horizontal information arrangement leaves more space in the main working area which gives a feeling of spaciousness and eases perception of information by the user. The adaptability of pages to the screen size allows comfortable perceiving information irrespective of monitor size and settings. Big headings and associative icons increase user friendliness of the service. In the average, each transaction requires now 1.5 less clicks than earlier.
Plus, the image and promotional opportunities for partner banks have been extended. The new main page interface contains a dynamic advertising and information area in the form of a banner. Interface customization according to the brand book and individual requirements is available for all partner banks.
In development of its remote payment services is first of all guided by the current customer needs and constantly improves remote banking products. Internet users are familiar with the advantages of Web 2.0 technology, and they know that usability is not just a nice word but in the first place it’s a necessary quality of a clear and elaborated interface. That is why processing of Internet banking system interface during its adjustment in accordance with new visual and user requirements is the main task in remote banking system development. In its future development, user interface of Internet bank will continue improving visualization and infographic representation of information.