CardStandard processing center simultaneously transferred 8 banks to a new processing system

CardStandard, an independent processing center, which is part of CFT Group of Companies, has implemented a project for a number of banks to migrate to its processing. Within a day, 8 banks being participants of MasterCard payment system under the sponsorship of the Russian Europay Members Association were transferred from the processing facilities of OOO Transinvestbank Commercial Bank to CardStandard processing center. Among the migrating banks were Moskoskvoretsky Commercial Bank, Sistema Commercial Bank, Kuznetskbusinessbank Joint-Stock Bank, Stella-Bank Joint-stock Commercial Bank, Kansky Commercial Bank, Bank of Khakassia, Kholmsk Joint-Stock Commercial Bank, and Munitsipalny Kamchatprofitbank Joint-Stock Commercial Bank.
The Center’s specialists have taken some measures to ensure comfortable work in the banks. ‘Migration of 8 banks within one day is a unique experience for the Russian Federation. Under the project, an individual migration plan was chosen for each bank and test trials were held,’ Andrey Alexandrovich, Director of CardStandard processing center, says. ‘The specialists of CardStandard processing center provided consultations relating to interaction with Transinvestbank. After completion of transfer to the processing, monitoring of the first transactions in the banks’ cards was conducted, after which the solution was put to large-scale operation. We thank our partners for their responsible approach to conducting the work; the success of this project is due to the joint efforts of the banks and CFT Group of Companies.’