CardStandard processing center: annual results 2012

CardStandard processing center (part of CFT Group) has announced 2012 annual results. Over the year the number of cards serviced by CardStandard PC and issued by partner banks has grown by 46%. The number of processed transactions has grown by 69%, and the infrastructure of the serviced terminal equipment has grown by over 47%. In absolute measures, by the end of 2012 the processing center has serviced over 16 million cards, processed up to 160 million transactions, and the scope of terminal equipment made over 25 thousand units.
The past year was characterized by active linking of partner banks to the processing facilities of CardStandard. The PC new customers in 2012 were 14 banks, among which were PromTransBank, First United Bank and StarBank.
The key event of 2012 was successful migration of the card issue of Expobank from own processing to CardStandrad PC processing facilities. This migration of a major bank from in-house processing, which was the unique for Russia, with all its complexity and scope of work was performed without force majeure situations and even ahead of the stated schedule. The time of switching to CardStandard facilities made 1 hr 40 min at the stated 2 hrs. Due to transfer of processing to outsourcing, the Bank did not only solve the task of reducing the costs of servicing of its card business and release of the resources but also significantly extended its functionality and therefore reinforced its competitiveness in the market.
In 2012 CardStandard PC continued business development in Kyrguzstan, where besides RSK Bank the PC partners became the leading banks of the Republic – Kyrgyzstan CB and Russian-Kyrgyz AMANBANK.
Another significant event of the year was qualification of Payment Center NSCA, which performs sponsor support of CardStandard PC partner banks, to sponsorship in the VISA international payment system. The first customer serviced under the sponsorship in VISA was The First United Bank from Samara.
Also in 2012 CardStandard PC successfully passed several certifications that guaranteed the reliability and security of card business – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), certification of the ATM and terminal software for Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA DSS), audit under the Fraud Management Program of the MasterCard payment system. The processing specialists engaged in all examinations and certifications were highly appreciated by auditors.
In 2012 CardStandard PC integrated the 3D Secure technology. This is a unique safety system for goods and services in the Internet that not only guarantees secure saving of customer details but also helps saving financial resources of the banks that are parties to the payment. Certification for PIN Management in MasterCard was also completed. This service that allows changing the PIN code in ATMs has already been implemented in many partner banks of the processing center.
“2012 was for CardStandard the year of intensive technological development. The PC functionality grew vigorously, the customer base showed quick growth, and the progressive trend of transfer of financial organizations to outsourcing of processing services was supported. Over the past year the scope and performance of our system have grown 1.5-2-fold. The technological improvement of CardStandard PC will definitely continue as we aim to be Russia’s most technological processing center. At the same time in 2013 we plan to pay special attention to the improvement of the fail resistance and high-availability and to achievement of the maximum reliability of all components and systems of the processing center,” said Andrey Aleksandrovich, CEO of CardStandard PC.