Golden Crown: 2011 Results
Golden Crown payment service system, Russian developer and service provider of payment market solutions, has summed up the results of its activity in 2011. By the end of 2011 the total Golden Crown turnover has made 1 trillion rubles, which is 61% as much as in 2010. In all, ca. 1 billion transactions have been processed (as compared to 2010 the growth made 55%).
The key business direction of Golden Crown is organizational and technological maintenance of the functioning of the group of independently developed retail payment services based on the universal processing platform. Within its product line Golden Crown renders operation, payment clearing and settlement services to credit companies in Russia and the CIS, and to non-credit companies rendering public payment services.
Besides, Golden Crown renders technological outsourcing services and provides operation services to companies that promote products under own trademarks in the financial market.
By the end of 2011 over 56 million cards of different types have been serviced using Golden Crown processing powers (as compared to 2010 the growth has made 75%), of which 41 million cards have been issued by Golden Crown services, including:
  • 7.2 million Golden Crown bank cards
  • 6.1 million payment cards with extended service pack distributed through trade networks
  • Over 25 million bonus, gift and discount cards
  • 2.7 million Golden Crown transport cards
Within the framework of technological outsourcing using Golden Crown processing powers as of December 2011, over 15 million bank cards have been serviced providing the necessary consumer functionality in terms of external projects of various issuers.
Golden Crown continues active development of relationship with global players - international payment systems. The system’s settlement center, Payment Center NSCA, is the principal member of MasterCard and Visa international payment systems. In 2011 Golden Crown entered into partnership agreement with Chinese payment system UnionPay. This cooperation resulted in the project of UnionPay card acceptance in the territory of Russia, and issue of Golden Crown – UnionPay co-brand cards.
One of the technological innovations of Golden Crown in 2011 was development and launch of the Golden Crown – Loan Repayment service. The uniqueness of this technology is its support of the banks’ involvement of the large-scale “neighborhood” infrastructure of partner retail networks apart from own infrastructure in loan repayment, deposit and bank account crediting.
In 2011 Golden Crown product “ASO (Authorized Subject Organization) information system” for implementation of the full range of functions of the authorized Russian Federation subject organization was successfully certified at UEC (Universal Electronic Card) OJSC.