Zolotaya Korona to Help Partners Implement Payment Service for Goods and Services within the FPS (Faster Payments System)

Zolotaya Korona has been successfully tested as a Third Party Processor for the c2b service of the Faster Payments System, which included various cases of transfers from individuals in favor of retail business establishments. The Zolotaya Korona cloud solution will help market participants quickly integrate these cases into their business processes.
The interaction of the Zolotaya Korona cloud platform with NSPK JSC (National Payment Card System), which is the Operational and Payment Clearing Center (OPCC) of the CBR Faster Payments System, has been tested. The test results confirm the compliance of the Zolotaya Korona solution with the NSPK requirements to RBEs in terms of interaction with the FPS’s OPCC. This allows market participants to use the solution to connect to the industrial environment of FPS through the provider's cloud and include the service of payments of individuals in favor of retail business establishments in their product line.
The cloud service “Bank Self-Service Platform” (Platform) of Zolotaya Korona supports the sending of c2b transfers at payers’ banks and acceptance of payments at the banks of the RBEs. In addition, in order to implement payment acceptance at RBEs, Zolotaya Korona supported the entire interaction cycle necessary for receiving and processing of QR codes, including registration of service points authorized to accept FPS payments.