Catalog of CFT Products: Bank business priorities are in focus

Center of Financial Technologies announces opening of a unique Catalog of bank Products that are used by credit institutions in Russia. The Catalog contains a range of Applications and settings necessary for implementation of each of the Products in CFT-Bank. The new approach allows significant cutting down on the time for launching of new Products in the bank.
Open the CFT Product Catalog. Products for the bank’s core activities are represented here. The information in the Catalog is conveniently structured according to the bank business logic – “Products for private customers”, “Products for corporate customers”. The Catalog will be constantly completed with new Products, besides two new directions will appear in it in the nearest future: “Bank transactions” and “For financial institutions”.
Choose a Product required for your business. The banks registered in the Bank Cabinet will see the following in relation to each Product in the Catalog:
  •  Applications required for Product implementation, including the data on Applications that have already been licensed and those that require licensing (and their total cost),
  • All settings required for Product launch. Moreover you can view the process of Product launching in demo mode.
The Product Catalog is directed at specialists of business units of the banks and it allows performing technical preparation of the launch of the new Product in the bank within several hours. Product launch in the bank transforms from an IT project into a business project.
Haven’t found a required Product in the Catalog?
Draw up your business requirements for the Product and the terms within which the Product must be installed in accordance with the bank’s internal plans or business units. CFT analysts will form and offer you a choice of Applications and settings for its implementations within 24 hours.