“Investtradebank”: new level of business automation on the basis of New CFT-Bank system 

“Investtradebank” keeps upgrading its IT infrastructure. At this stage of a large-scale IT project, the functionality of New CFT-Bank system is added to the CFT-Bank information complex installed in Investtradebank. As a result, Investtradebank will receive a technological platform providing end-to-end integration of all business processes.
The project includes two stages. Processing of bank’s loan products and loan applications will be transferred to the New CFT-Bank system in December 2014 followed by migration of all Investtradebank’s financial products to the new system in spring 2015.
“When we created New CFT-Bank, we have taken preferences of our financial sector clients into consideration, – says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of CFT GC Management Board. – The bank officer is provided with banking products and services sales processes as well as with personal and product customer profile, the track record. This allows us to analyze customer behavior and develop best products for customers. Integration of information system’s client end with administrative services guarantees complete and correct data reflection in accounting and mandatory reporting. New CFT-Bank was created with due consideration of this idea”.
“New CFT-Bank significantly simplifies and cuts time for customer servicing due to built-in “Single Window” – a unified facility allowing to provide various banking services. Bank operators do not waste time to search data in different bases; they can consult clients on various products and tariffs and instantly sell a financial product.
“Key strength of Investtradebank is convenience of its customer services, including IT solutions. That is why we asked the contractor to utilize the whole range of modern solutions and create an ergonomic system of buying banking products. CFT GC offered an ultimate solution, that allowed maximum personification and minimized the factor of human error, while training covers only a couple of hours,”– notes Nina Shurmina, Deputy Chairman of Investtradebank’s Management Board.
“The fact that Investtradebank has CFT-Bank as a core banking system, essentially simplifies the project, – says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of CFT GC Management Board. – This configuration allows to easily integrate the ABS with New CFT-Bank. This ensures a definitely successful project”.