The National Bank of Tajikistan is CFT’s new partner

The National Bank of Tajikistan and CFT have signed a cooperation agreement, within the framework of which CFT-Bank information banking complex will be integrated into the bank IT infrastructure.
“CFT actively reinforces its positions in the Tajikistan market and has been one of the Russian leading developer companies in terms of integration of its software products in the republic’s credit organizations for several years,” says Chairman of CFT Group Andrey Visyaschev. “The leading bank of Tajikistan has become our partner, and we are thankful to the management of the National Bank of Tajikistan for choosing CFT software solution. We consider this choice a serious confirmation of the company’s expertise, and the main task of CFT is to meet the customer requirements to the full and in time and to fulfill the project at high level. For us this project means extension of experience in CFT-Bank integration in Tajikistan, and our partner will receive а fully functional centralized banking system of the new generation configured to its individual needs.”

The National Bank of Tajikistan
is central issuance reserve bank of the Republic of Tajikistan and it is ownership of the Republic of Tajikistan. The National Bank of Tajikistan is underreporting of Majlisi Oli Majlisi Namoyandagon of the Republic of Tajikistan (lower chamber of Parliament). The main tasks of the National Bank of Tajikistan  are: development and implementation of the monetary policy of the Republic of Tajikistan; licensing, supervision and regulation of the activity of the republic’s credit organizations; creation of the payment, clearing and settlement systems; issue of cash and organization of its circulation; international reserve storage and management; drawing up the payment balance of the Republic of Tajikistan etc. Official website: