CFT in the rating of the British company IBS Intelligence

In the rating of IBS Intelligence, CFT once again became the leader among Russia’s major developers of software for the financial sector by the number of new clients in banking software in 2011.
The annual rating “The IBS Sales League Table 2012” was published in the famous British IBS Journal. The rating considered contracts for core banking system supply signed from January 1 till December 31, 2011.
According to the survey, CFT took the leading position in the sector of Russian bank software suppliers by the number of new contracts signed in 2011 with Russian and CIS banks. According to IBS Intelligence, in 2011 CFT entered into 12 new agreements of supply and installation of CFT-Bank information complex. Among new CFT clients are: Bank Saint Petersburg, Baltic Development Bank, Starbank, Eurocommerce CB, Pervobank, Pushkino Bank, Kapitalbank, Agroinvestment Commercial Bank, BaikalBank, Bank Dolinsk, Zalkar Bank (Kyrguzstan), BC “Comerţbank S.A.” (Moldova).
In fact the CFT portfolio of 2011 contained 15 contracts with new clients. The IBS Intelligence rating did not consider contracts with My Bank, NOMOS-Regiobank and non-bank organization Savings Pension Fund "GRANTUM" (Kazakhstan) as the rating rules do not provide for considering sales of core banking systems to banks that are in any way affiliated with the banks that have existing contracts with vendors as well as contracts of supply of front-office solutions.
IBS Journal is a leading magazine specialized on the news in the international banking systems market that publishes the annual rating of companies that develop core banking systems and are actively engaged in the international market.