CFT - the best IT partner for banks according to NBJ

Traditionally in December, National Banking Journal reflects on the results of the year and nominates IT companies for the best banks' partners in the expiring year. CFT Company is among leaders of financial technologies market players according to NBJ for several years already. 

To the journal's question: "What was 2014 like for the CFT?" Andrey Fomichyov, Deputy Chairman of CFT GC, noted: "The outgoing 2014 didn't look promising from the very beginning. Nevertheless the results turned out to be much better than expectations and forecasts. Compared with 2013, CFT has doubled the number of signings in its software portfolio with a greater number of TOP-50 banks and foreign-owned banks.  In 2014 a 100th bank has acceded to CardStandard Payment Center and Golden Crown's money transfers steamed ahead to the far-abroad countries. Banking market is having a really tough time and we are going to face new challenges. My wish for us all is that we stay moderate and patient, and good luck to all of us!"