​Russian National Payment Forum – International Event in the Industry of Retail Payments

Golden Crown Payment System became an official sponsor of the first Russian National Payment Forum held on November 6th and 7th in Moscow. The forum was organized by the National Payment Council Association with the official support of the Russian State Duma Financial Market Committee. 

The event was devoted to the review of trends for payment market development in Russia and the world and became a place to exchange the experience in managing and building retail payments business and to represent successful cases and start-ups, and united leading world payment market professionals.

Within 2 days more than 400 participants, more than 60 industry journalists visited the forum, 55 speakers from 18 countries, including such retail payment market leaders as USA, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Holland and Finland, made their presentations. 

Representatives of the leading companies in the payment industry, like VISA, MasterCard, Golden Crown, MTS, Monitise, IDEO, Simple, United Card Service, Sberbank, Yandex.Money, PayU made their presentations at the forum. Leading Russian projects including 2can, Mili, Goodwin, Swiff, Zingaya, MobiDengi and others represented their new products and solutions to the visitors of the event at the “Startup Avenue”.

The first day of the forum was devoted to the issue of national and global payment market regulations. Regulators and legislators represented by the Russian State Duma, the Central Bank of Russia, the European Central Bank and the central banks of other countries, speakers representing international organizations, including FATF, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, FAS, Federal Financial Monitoring Service and other state bodies, shared their approaches, forecasts and analytics.

Timur Batyrev, the Director of the National Payment System Department of the Bank of Russia, represented the Bank of Russia’s concept for the national payment system development. In his speech he noted, that national payment system development strategy will consider the world experience and will contribute to active implementation of new technologies.

One of the most important event of the first forum day became the discussion of retail payment regulation within CIS which involved representatives of the national (central) banks of Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaidzhan, Kirgizstan, Belorussia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan and the participants of the payment industry. They represented analytics and approaches to monitoring and supervision of the national payment systems and infrastructures at the domestic level as well as the experience of co-regulation and harmonization of regulatory acts at the intergovernmental level.

Besides, the first National Payment Council Association Awards, recognizing the outstanding journalists on the financial and payment scene, was held at the first day of the forum.

The second day of the Forum was totally devoted to the discussion of the potential future of the retail payments industry, technologies and instruments and was opened by the representatives of the Golden Crown, VISA, MasterCard, USC and other international experts.

Results of analytic researches were represented at the forum, including the research of the National Agency for Financial Studies “Bank card fraud: a consumer’s view” made with a support of MasterCard Participants Association, the Euromonitor’s statistics on retail payment growth dynamics in Russia and in the world, the research of RADAR company on drivers and barriers for customer loyalty to the card products in Russia etc.
The forum became an important event in the Russian payment market both for the number and the status of the participants. The array of speakers and the agenda were highly appreciated by the foreign guests as well: “The level of organization and the topics for discussion prove this event to be one of the largest and most important in the given industry in the Central and Eastern Europe, and I would be glad to participate in the next year’s forum and to invite my colleagues to join ”, told in the corridors Iftekhar Hasan,  the European Central Bank’s External Counsellor and Professor of the Fordham Schools of Business in New York.

“My congratulations to the organizers and the sponsors of the forum, who managed to attract key representatives of both Russian and global payment markets to participate in the forum”, said Richard Johnson, the Monitise Strategy Director.

Forum participants appreciated vital and informative representations of the speakers. Particularly, according to Viktor Dostov, “the forum has revealed a great balance between presentations of market players’ and state bodies representatives. There was a bright, vivid and fruitful discussion. The majority of presentations combined laconism, richness of information and contained a variety of compelling and bold ideas”.

“Start-up Avenue” held during the whole second day of the forum to represent new projects in the payment market, was highly appreciated by the participants: “We would like to particularly note the idea of the “Start-up Avenue”.  It gave us the opportunity to communicate with new consumers, which is particularly valuable for us. We hope that the expositions were interesting and useful for the forum itself as well”, wrote Rustam Usmanov, the General Director of SCCP Russia (Swiff) in his recognition letter addressed to the National Payment Council Association. 

The National Payment Council Association is a non-commerce organization established by the leading representatives of retail payment industry to contribute to the Russian retail payment market development and to raise the role of cashless and electronic payments in the Russian Federation.

Association’s major businesses are legislative and research support of electronic payments and money transfer market, protection of service users’ interests and raising the financial awareness of the population.

Association operates through special-purpose committees that are established within its framework and perform legal and general assistance of legislative and regulatory initiatives in the Russian Federation in cooperation with the State Duma of the Federal  Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Russian Federation, other governmental authorities, the Central Bank of Russia,  bank professional association and Russian and foreign commercial and non-commercial organizations.

The Association Management Board includes representatives of payment systems and mobile operators: VISA, MasterCard, Golden Crown and MTS. Members of the Association are: PayPal, United Card Service Company (UCS), Bank VTB 24, Bank of Moscow, Svyaznoy Bank, CyberPlat, PayU, Electronic Money Market Participants Association.