New Credit Union JSCB (CJSC) has acceded to the Golden Crown – Money Transfer service

Golden Crown and New Credit Union JSCB (CJSC) have launched money transfer service for private customers. Bank’s offices are located in Moscow and the Moscow region.
Key business activities of New Credit Union JSCB (CJSC) are provision of a wide range of banking services to corporate customers and representatives of small and medium business. The bank occupies retail services market share in the Moscow region’s financial market, it offers banking express services starting from retail transfers to currency exchange.
“In recent years bank lays emphasis at growing its client base. Widening retail banking products with the Golden Crown – Money Transfer service is a part of determined strategy. We believe that this cooperation will enable us to attract new clients and raise customer loyalty”, – says Maksim Plotnikov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of New Credit Union JSCB (CJSC).
Due to the Golden Crown’s money transfers bank’s customers can perform retail money transfers in rubles, US dollars and euro throughout Russia and to the countries of near and far abroad. Service fee comprises 0.5% depending on the money transfer direction.
“We have the greatest respect for the aims set by our new partner. I do believe that the Golden Crown – Money Transfer service will not only help New Credit Union Bank to achieve high financial indicators, but will also exceed expectations of private customers in terms of service quality, tariffs transparency and convenience of additional services”, – says Olesya Fyodorova, Deputy Head of the Golden Crown – Money Transfer Service.

New Credit Union JSCB (CJSC) was registered with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on October 20, 1994. Banking License No. 3139 as of March 18, 2009. Bank is a member of Russian Regional Banks Association. As at June 1, 2014 bank’s assets equal to RUB 1326.6 mln, bank’s own capital comprises RUB 352.9 mln, total loan portfolio - RUB 1189.6 mln, customer accounts balances – RUB 456.2 mln. (according to Expert RA Rating Agency). For more details please go to