International Bank of Tajikistan, New Partner of CFT

Center of Financial Technologies and CJSC “International Bank of Tajikistan” have entered into a cooperation agreement within the framework of which CFT-Bank (Platform 1) information system will be installed in the Bank. The key business lines will be automated based on the CFT solution, including settlement and cash services, loans and deposits, and preparation of reporting. At present, the Bank is planning to start the system installation with further configuration of the functionality.

International Bank of Tajikistan is a new credit institution in the country’s banking system, which is specialized in rendering of public financial services. At present, the Bank has three branches and four service centers across the country, with around 143 employees.

The Bank is now at the stage of active development, with growing influence in the financial market of Tajikistan, and expanding product line and customer base. CFT-Bank information system will support the Bank’s growing business, and help in the performance of the strategic tasks on provision of public access to advanced high-quality financial services.  

“Having received its banking license this year, International Bank of Tajikistan successfully continues its activity in the country’s financial market,” says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of CFT Board. “And we are pleased to know that we have contributed to this start. I am sure that our long-term experience and high-level expertise in building of a flexible and highly productive IT platform for a wide range of our customers’ tasks will be the growth area which will help the Bank to achieve all its targets and gain the reputation of a modern and reliable credit institution for the customers in Tajikistan.”