Commercial Bank Vzaimodeystvie is being transferred to CFT-Bank outsourcing 

Commercial Bank Vzaimodeystvie (Novosibirsk) and Center of Financial Technologies have signed an agreement and started the implementation of the project on transfer to outsourcing of CFT-Bank system installed at the bank. The banking information system is being transferred to CFT data center: the vendor will support system users, develop and maintain the system, perform updates in accordance with the legislative requirements.
Commercial Bank Vzaimodeystvie and CFT are long-term partners. Since 2005, the bank has been using complex retail servicing system CFT-Retail Bank (Oracle-based). In 2007, the financial organization connected to remote banking system. And since 2008, all core-banking activity of CB Vzaimodeystvie has been carried out in CFT-Bank system.
“The current top priority for our bank is maintaining the existing status of a reliable and stable financial organization”, says Natalya Maksimova, Member of the Board of CB Vzaimodeystvie LLC. “Thus we stick to the strict and conservative policy of balanced resources and investments, liquidity and profitability. CB Vzaimodeystvie aims at maximum efficiency in everything, and we have decided upon a new approach to business automation, i.e. transfer of the core-banking system to outsourcing. As we see it, in the new economic environment, with business being forced to reduce the costs, including those for IT, this way of using the core-banking system is the most rational. It is a step to reduce IT costs. We are optimistic about the future of our cooperation with CFT in this new direction.”
“At present, CFT is actively developing one of its strategic business lines, that is CFT-Bank outsourcing”, says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of CFT Board. “We are actively promoting the experience that we have gained in the course of our previous projects. We have good partner relations with CB Vzaimodeystvie, and we hope that this cooperation will develop favorably. By transferring to outsourcing, our partner avoids solving non-core issues on maintenance of IT infrastructure, which will reduce the costs for support of the IT platform in the future.”