CFT extends cooperation with Rostelecom OJSC within the framework of core banking system outsourcing service

Center of Financial Technologies and Rostelecom OJSC have signed an agreement under which Russia’s biggest telecommunication company will lease to CFT the ground (data center) and telecommunication means of their data processing centers for development and extension of outsourcing services of CFT core banking systems and processing services.
CFT will allocate its server hardware on the specialized technological ground of Rostelecom OJSC equipped with no-break power supply, climate control, firefighting and data transfer systems.
Development of IT outsourcing services for financial institutions is one of CFT’s main business directions. The Company renders a complex of services including outsourcing of CFT-Bank core banking system, mobile and Internet banking, it provides processing services within the framework of the Golden Crown payment system and the National Gorod System services, and supports processing of international payment system cards on the basis of CardStandard Processing Center.
IT outsourcing is among the main branches of our Company”, says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of the Board of CFT Group. “So far we have enough facilities and resources of our two own data processing centers but in view of the current and anticipated dynamics of the development of the customer database and the scope of services, we are sure to require quick extension of the server infrastructure. We deliberately selected the ground of the commercial data processing center of Rostelecom OJSC. The company is the major provider of cloud solutions and IT for corporate customers, and it is developing the widest network data centers in Russia. The Rostelecom data processing center comprises all necessary engineering systems, server facilities and telecommunications. Everything meets the world's requirements; therefore we can guarantee to our existing and future customers the high reliability, failure resistance and productivity of our outsourcing services. Due to the cooperation with Rostelecom OJSC we will be tied neither for the scope nor for the speed of data processing, nor for the bandwidth of the telecommunications for the transfer of our customers’ data.”
Rostelecom OJCS is one of the major players on the Russian data center market. According to the Instruction of the Government of Russia, Rostelecom is the only provider of the activities of the Federal Special Purpose Program “Information Society (2011-2020)” to the extent of creation of the Russian national platform for cloud computing. Within the framework of this large-scale project, Rostelecom is creating a network of data processing centers all over Russia. At present, the national cloud computing platform systems are located in seven data processing centers of Rostelecom Macroregional Branches situated in Russia’s federal district. The head Data Processing Center (DPC) that will be the biggest in Russia is under construction in Moscow.

Rostelecom ( is a dynamically growing Russia’s largest national telecommunications operator with presence in all Russian regions. The Company is a universal operator and undisputable leader of broadband and pay-TV markets in Russia with over 9 million fixed-line broadband subscribers and over 6 million pay-TV subscribers, over 1 million of them watch a unique federal product “Interactive TV”. As Rostelecom develops its mobile data networks, its position as a major mobile operator is growing with over 13 million currently subscribed to Rostelecom’s mobile voice services. The Company currently is the leader in the corporate and government services segment. It is also an important innovator that provides solutions in the field of medicine, E-Government, cloud computing, health care, education, safety, and housing and public utility services.