Sberbank and CFT: new level of cooperation

An agreement on implementation of CFT-Bank software solution at 2MCA Platform (previously known as IB System Object) was concluded between Sberbank of Russia OJSC (hereinafter – Sberbank, the Bank) and the Center of Financial Technologies (CFT) under their long-term cooperation.
New agreement will enable the Bank to apply the specified solution centrally in all subsidiaries of Sberbank Group.
Subsidiaries of Sberbank Group were empowered to modify and support the software used by the Group exclusively under its internal operating processes.
“Automated banking system lays groundwork for Sberbank’s IT architecture, notes Vadim Kulik, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board and Supervisor of Sberbank’s Risks and IT Department. – Evolving of the system is strategically important for Sberbank’s Group of Companies. CFT solution adapted to the needs of the Bank will create favorable environment for developing business functions and unifying operating systems”.
“This agreement has redefined our long-lasting and close cooperation with Sberbank, - underlined Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of CFT Group of Companies Management Board. - Our relations regarding development of our software have become clearly defined and properly regulated; besides we have agreed upon license policy issues”.