CFT becomes SWIFT user security service provider

Center of Financial Technologies (CFT) has been included in the Directory of Cyber Security Service Providers accredited for implementation of SWIFT Customer Security Programme (CSP). CFT is ready to render assistance to banks in completion of attestation of their local infrastructure security in compliance with CSP requirements.
Customer Security Programme (CSP) has been developed by SWIFT in order to increase the level of cyber security of SWIFT members. CSP covers three inter-related areas: security of the members' local environments, security of interaction with counterparties, and cooperation in the community in order to prepare for possible future cyber threats. CSP activities include implementation of controls and annual attestation of the compliance of the local infrastructure with the mandatory controls. 
For effective control of CSP implementation, from January 1, 2018, SWIFT will start reporting to the Bank of Russia on the members that have not submitted the data on the compliance with mandatory controls, i.e. have not carried out the compliance evaluation of the local infrastructure with the CSP requirements. In addition, starting from January 1, 2019, SWIFT will inform the Regulatory Authority on the users that have not completed the annual security attestation procedure.
Preparation and completion of the evaluation and attestation of the security system is a difficult task that requires development and implementation of organizational and technical measures involving highly competent employees from different divisions responsible for ensuring of cyber security and secure functioning of the bank. In this regard, SWIFT recommends using the services of SWIFT-accredited service providers
CFT has been developing products with the necessary embedded security mechanisms for the financial market for over 25 years, it is highly experienced in evaluation of IT systems, and is a member of the Russian National SWIFT Association (ROSSWIFT). The fact that CFT has been included in the list of recommended service providers specialized in cyber security of SWIFT users shows that CFT is ready to provide reliably competent services on audit and consulting under SWIFT CSP.