Faktura.ru Internet-bank for Private Customers of Binbank

Faktura.ru RBS-provider and BINBANK which is in TOP-30 of RF Banks launched “Internet-bank” remote banking service for private customers. Connecting to Faktura.ru is a part of BINBANK’s global project on usage of GC CFT program solutions as a centralized platform to ensure operational activity of the Bank’s structural subdivisions.
It is to be recalled, that in November 2012, BINBANK’s Central office together with its 30 additional offices was connected to a new ABS “CFT-Bank” (Platform 1) in record-breaking time. The next stage was to connect the bank’s network to the solution. All basic financial products being automated, the bank’s product line extension begins; there are new exclusive opportunities, one of them is “BINBANK-online” RBS-service, based on Faktura.ru platform. “When the project started the Bank’s product line lacked one of the basic services for retail customers – Internet-bank. Faktura.ru solution was ideal from the point of view of its architecture and the time necessary for its installation,” – says Igor Belikh, BINBANK’s Deputy Director of Customer Policy, and Head of Internet-bank project.
The bank’s policy is aimed to strengthen market positions in retail business and the launch of up-to-date remote service for private customers confirmed the bank’s desire to offer its clients a full range of first-quality banking products both in any office and remotely in 24/7 format. Since June 2013 “BINBANK-online” RBS-service is available to the customers of Moscow, Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Vladimir, Kostroma, Ivanovo and Yaroslavl. Currently we are finalizing the connection of the bank’s network throughout the territory of Russia. Besides, retail customers of the bank have now the opportunity of making a money transfer via “Golden Crown – Money Transfers” system without opening ruble, dollar or euro accounts.
“Faktura.ru internet-banking solution enabled BINBANK to provide its private customers with a quality standard RBS service in the shortest possible time and to start developing unique opportunities.  Faktura.ru professional project team organized complete product installation, demonstrated proactive business problem management, - Igor Belikh notes.
“The vigorous launch of RBS-service complex performed in several stages in one of the largest Russian banks is a result of close cooperation and high competence of specialists from the bank and Faktura.ru. We are sure in our successful future cooperation, that will enable our partner to come to the highest level of providing services to retail customers and to achieve its business-aims in retail bank market”,  says Madina Mukanova, Faktura.ru Director.

BINBANK OJSC was organized on November 1, 1993; CBR general banking license No. 2562. The Bank’s beneficiary owner is Mikhail Osmanovich Shishkhanov owing 98.239% of the share capital. OJSC BINBANK regional sales network is represented by 150 offices in 37 RF regions. In November 2008 BINBANK has acquired CSC Bashinvestbank. Currently BINBANK holds 39.24% and M.O. Shishkhanov – 48.37% of Bashinvestbank’s shares. In December 2004 the Bank entered the Deposit Insurance System and in March 2009 it was accredited as agency bank by State Deposit Insurance Agency. For more information please follow the site www.binbank.ru