CFT in TOP-20 major Russian IT companies
Expert Rating Agency has published the list of major Russian companies in the field of information and communication technologies in 2012. According to Expert RA, CFT Group is among TOP-20 major Russian IT companies (the survey includes all IT sectors), and it has risen in the total rating by five positions, from No.18 to No.13, as compared to the same rating of 2011.
CFT’s revenue in 2012 made 11,415,879 thousand rubles, the annual growth – 32.2%. “Such growth is the result both of the extension of customer base of the Group, which has increased by 77 loan organizations, and of intense development of relations with our existing customers, whose total number as of the end of 2012 has exceeded 500 banks in Russia and the CIS,” says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of the Board of CFT Group. “And as for 2013, our development plans are even more ambitious.”
By the end of 2012 the scope of sales of the major companies of the “Russian Information and Communication Technologies” ranking has made 453 billion rubles, which is 21.5% as much as compared to the same data of 2011.
Analysts note that the most actively developing sector in the previous year has been software production. Market players relate the sector positive dynamics with complex infrastructure projects, integration of business applications and the growing popularity of new IT in mobile operation, virtualization and cloud computing.
Grace rates of developers for insurance premiums still play an important role in the segment development. “This is a serious stimulating factor for the development of the internal market branch of ready software products. And since software development means first of all investments in highly educated and highly qualified specialists (and not hardware or raw material), this measure really helps software developers receive money for development (especially since there are almost no other sources for fundraising, as loans aren’t granted for software development and it cannot be pledged),” says Andrey Visyaschev in his expert commentary within the framework of the review.