Bashcomsnabbank building the bank of the future based on CFT solutions

The project of implementation of CFT-Bank in the bank’s IT infrastructure has been completed at Bashcomsnabbank (PJSC), leading bank of the Republic of Bashkortostan with a wide network of service centers. Along with the transfer to the new core banking system, the bank has connected to the processing center of remote banking service provider and added a modernized Internet banking service to its product line for corporate customers. 
The cooperation between Bashcomsnabbank and CFT started in 2015, when the financial institution selected CFT-Bank for modernization of its technological infrastructure and for the transfer of its business processes to the new IT platform.
Bashcomsnabbank is a universal bank that renders a full range of banking services to its customers. The strategic task of the credit and financial organization is reinforcement of its financial market positions, perfection of the quality of banking services, and expanding of the customer base. All this requires a respective IT infrastructure.
“We see information technologies as one of the bank’s sources of competitive advantages, both today and in the long run,” says Flur Gallyamov, Chairman of the Board of Bashcomsnabbank. “Instead of holding back the business, IT must assist its development with maximum efficiency. Two years ago, we came to a decision to start monumental technological re-equipment aimed at creation of a hi-tech bank, and transfer to a new core banking system. Today, the biggest part of the project is completed. We have done a lot of work in the process: we’ve carried out an audit of the bank’s business processes, migrated the data from the previous core banking system to CFT-Bank, and integrated the new solution with the systems installed at the bank. We have created a strong, advanced, productive and functional IT platform, complying with the high information security and reliability standards and flexibly adaptable to new business and legislative requirements. The new core banking system will allow us to move to a completely new level of customer servicing and operating activities. There is no doubt that all this will give extra boost to our development.”
“We have friendly partner relations with Bashcomsnabbank,” says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of the Board of CFT Group. “We are glad to note that the bank is making use of new technologies and new approaches to creation of the IT infrastructure. Bashcomsnabbank is actively developing and we are ready to support it with our solutions and innovations. The functionality of CFT-Bank will allow our partner not only to fully comply with the industry and market trends but also to be proactive and implement all its ambitious plans on growth and development.”
At present, all key business processes of Bashcomsnabbank are transferred to CFT-Bank, such as retail and corporate operations, inter-bank and inter-branch settlements, drawing-up of reporting complying with the CBR requirements, etc.
In the future, the bank plans to expand the functionality of CFT-Bank usage by implementing sets of Applications for the bank’s operations in the stock market, management and tax accounting, and budgets of general administrative expenses and capital costs.