Bank Saint Petersburg has successfully completed the first stage of CFT-Bank implementation 

Bank Saint Petersburg has completed the first stage of the project for the credit institution’s technological infrastructure modernization, with implementation of CFT-Bank (Platform 1) banking information software at one of the major federal banks of Russia.
‘Tremendous amount of hard work has been done,’ says Pavel Filimonenok, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of the Bank. ‘Preparation has taken almost two years, during which we have been sorting data. To work with the new software, the Bank has purchased two software and hardware systems, Oracle Exadata Database Machine: one as the main system, and the other as the backup system. The new automated banking system is integrated with Tranzware Suite processing center provided by Compass Plus, which has made it possible to process IPS cards online, with the remote banking system supplied by BSS, as well as with CRM system supplied by Microsoft, the latter being implemented simultaneously with CFT-Bank. 860 employees of the Bank with various specializations — IT professionals, database administrators and process engineers — have received training at the CFT Training Center. The Bank managers have been trained in basic skills of the system operation. We are satisfied with the results of the first stage of implementation. Tasks concerning integration and data transfer have been completed according to the schedule. This allows us to be confident that we will achieve the goals set.’
At the first stage of CFT-Bank information system implementation at Bank Saint Petersburg, its cash management and payment services for legal entities and individuals, cash deposits and credits for legal entities and individuals, accounting of valuables, treasury transactions (FOREX and IBC), plastic cards servicing, safe renting and statutory reporting to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation were transferred to a game-changing level of automation.
Transition to the new automated banking system will provide a powerful IT support for the Bank’s business, as well as ample opportunities for further development. Bank Saint-Petersburg holds strong positions in all major banking services markets and currently serves 952,600 individuals and 34,600 corporations in its 35 branches and offices in Moscow, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Leningrad Region, and Saint Petersburg. The current stage of the Bank’s history may be defined as the one of intensive development. The Bank’s strategy involves, in particular, the strengthening of its position in the retail sector through the development of Internet banking, expansion of the branch network, improvement of plastic card services, acquiring, and expansion of loan offers to individuals.
‘A characteristic feature of this project is the participation of three teams of IT employees: CFT, Bank Saint Petersburg, and CSBI company,’ says Andrey Visyashchev, the CFT Group Chairman of the Board.This allowed us to perform automatic migration of majority of the data from Banker/PRO system (developed by CSBI Group) to CFT-Bank. Our project at Bank Saint Petersburg will allow us to gain a unique new experience which we shall be able to use in our future work.’
In January 2012, a unified centralized system based on CFT-Bank is to integrate the Bank’s Head Office and its five branches in Moscow, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Priozersk, and Kirishi.

Bank Saint-Petersburg, OAO (General License of the Bank of Russia No. 436 of September 19, 1997) is one of the largest banks in the north-west of Russia and the third largest bank in Saint-Petersburg. The Bank’s history started more than 20 years ago as a specialized state-owned bank. Currently, it is the leading credit institution in the north-west of Russia. The Bank proactively seeks for cooperation with international financial institutions and opens new ways for bank-to-bank transactions, trade financing and crediting. In 2007, the Bank leaped forward through a successful IPO. Official website of the Bank is