CFT GC Partner Conference in Kirgizstan: Innovative Solutions to Implement Business-Strategy of a Modern Bank

On September 14, 2013 CFT GC held the 3d Partners Conference for Kirgizstan banks concerning “Innovative Solutions to Implement Business-Strategy of a Modern Bank” in the resort center on the shore of Issyk-Kul lake. It was an autumn round-table conference for the Association of Kirgizstan Banks with representatives of 15 banks and microfinance institutions of the republic participating in it.
The most advanced CFT GC solutions were demonstrated to the participants during the conference. Aleksandr Starinenko, CFT GC Regional Director told about the company’s complex program solutions aimed to raise the effectiveness of the banks business-processes and accelerate banking services sales network development. Dmitry Zamanov, Deputy Head of Primary Sales Unit, introduced the New CFT-Bank system enabling the banks to perform new level of customer management on the basis of “one-stop-shop” principle, integrated analytical tools, and enabling the control of all key banks’ performance indicators, to raise bank specialists’ performance level and cross sales.

Oleg Petunkin, Regional Director of “Golden Crown – Bank Card”, described vital tools that can be used to raise profitability of a bank’s payment infrastructure due to widen functions of self-service machines. Andrey Aleksandrovich, Executive Director of “CardStandard” Processing Center, acquainted the audience with modern card business models and with the effective tools of raising its profitability. Maryam Dolgova, “Golden Crown – Money Transfers” Service Development Manager described methods used to increase the rate of return on retail money transfer operations.

Basically all instruments, services and methods represented at the conference are to raise banking business profitability. CFT GC solutions are created to ensure Kirgizstan’s banks’ continuous growth and offering of the most requested and modern services to their customers. The longstanding effective cooperation of CFT GC and the representatives of Kirgizstan banking community ensures Kirgizstan banks’ firm competitiveness that is vitally important in active banking market.
Regional Director Aleksandr Starinenko told about complex solutions created by CFT GC
Speech of Andrey Aleksandrovich, the Executive Director of “CardStandard” Processing Center, on  modern card business models aroused great interest among representatives of Kirgizstan banking community