Sviaz-Bank has installed CFT-Electronic Archive
The main stage of installation of the CFT-Electronic Archive Application complex has been completed at Sviaz-Bank. The project was implemented by the Bank and CFT project teams. At present the electronic archive of documents has been created in the Bank’s head office and in several branches with the biggest document flow.
The decision on installation in the Sviaz-Bank technological infrastructure of a complex of Applications for storage of electronic documents appeared due to the necessity to decrease operational costs on daily drawing up of documents of the day and to speed up operation with the stored documents archive.
“In view of the economic effect of the offered technology and the necessity of its quickest use, a separate project was created for the installation of the Electronic Archive, which was fulfilled in accordance with the Bank project management policy. I’d like to make a pointed reference to the well-coordinated work of the Bank and CFT project teams, which allowed implementing the project within the planned terms and observing the allocated budget,” comments Aleksey Samoilov, Director of the Project and Technology Department of Sviaz-Bank, on the work progress.
Sviaz-Bank is among Russia’s biggest credit and financial institutions, and the geography of its presence comprises 52 subjects of the Russian Federation. The Bank’s regional network comprises the Head Office in Moscow, 51 branches, 134 backup offices and mini-branches, 103 of them operating from post offices.
“Even now, according to the preliminary result assessment we can see a significant effect from the use of the CFT solution in work with the archive documentation. In respect of the costs for printing and further storage, according to the controller requirements the project will start paying off before the planned term due to significant growth of the document flow,” comments Tatiana Utenkova, Deputy Director of the Project and Technology Department of Sviaz-Bank and Head of the project “Electronic Archive”, on the project results. “The Electronic Archive allows optimizing the costs for creation and further storage of bound documents of the day with the conformity of all legislative requirements.”
“Sviaz-Bank is our long-time partner that steadily increases the functionality of its information platform in consideration of the growing business requirements. The portfolio of the joint projects with the Bank includes successful commencement of a whole range of CFT products,” says Andrey Visyaschev, Chairman of the CFT Group Board. “The Bank’s core activity has been automated on the basis of the CFT-Bank (Platform 1) information complex. The Bank also uses CFT solutions for organization of retail servicing. Installation of the CFT-Electronic Archive Application complex is the next step in complex automation and building of a modern IT platform for support of all business processes at Sviaz-Bank.”
The following stage of automation of the operation of Sviaz-Bank branches with the Electronic Archive is planned for May this year. In the nearest future the whole regional Sviaz-Bank network will be transferred to the electronic document storage mode.

Sviaz-Bank OJSC JSCB was founded in 1991. General License of the Bank of Russia No. 1470. The Bank has a network of 51 branches in the regions of Russia.
The principal shareholder of Sviaz-Bank is State-Controlled Corporation “Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Activities (Vnesheconombank)”.
Fitch Ratings Agency confirmed Sviaz-Bank’s long-term issuer default ratings (IDR) in foreign and national currencies at BB; the national long-term rating was confirmed at AA-(rus), with a stable outlook.
Standard & Poor's Credit Ratings Services awarded Sviaz-Bank the BB long-term counterparty ratings and the ruAA rating on the national scale, with a stable rating change forecast.
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation reports that Sviaz-Bank is among Russia’s 30 biggest banks. Sviaz-Bank is actively engaged in the capital market, it cooperates successfully with Russian and foreign major investment banks. It is a member bank of the mandatory deposit insurance system.