CFT gift card project wins at Customer eXperience Awards

CFT received the highest award for its prepaid bank gift cards at Customer eXperience Awards Russia 2015, professional competition in the customer experience and service industry in Russia. The project won in the category “Innovation/Initiative of the Year – For Revolutionary Change of Customer Experience”.
CFT prepaid bank card is a unique product in the bank card market and a new high-tech stage in the development of the segment of gift certificates and gift cards. A prepaid gift card provides a variety of choices for the end recipient since the opportunity to write off its face value is not limited by a specific retail chain. When customers receive a prepaid bank card as a gift, they can select the goods store or service store to use their card at, as they can buy goods or services at any retail business establishment that accepts bank cards, including the Internet.
The card is distributed via retail sales channels both to individuals and to legal persons who wish to present their employees, partners or customers with these cards, or to use them in their incentive programs. 
CFT gift card department has successfully implemented over 40 projects, which include “Sberbank Sochi2014” Olympic gift card, prepaid card of Sodexo transnational corporation, OZON, M-Video and Mediamarkt cards, etc. Prepaid gift cards developed by CFT specialists, such as Mega-Podarok, Afimall-City, Kapitoliy, Planeta, Galereya, Aura, etc. are distributed at over 20 malls across Russia. The direction of prepaid gift cards in cooperation with banks is undergoing active development. Only during the second half of 2015, gift cards based on CFT technology have been included in retail product lines of Genbank, Levoberezhniy bank, Legion bank, Mezhtopenergobank, Ural Capital bank, and BaikalBank. Besides, CFT gift card department actively develops the corporate direction – over 10 agent companies distribute CFT solutions among dozens of legal persons.
“Over the past two years we have, indeed, significantly changed the gift card market landscape. Today, service companies and major marketing agencies suggest that their corporate customers use not just ordinary gift certificates but also CFT prepaid gift cards based on the platform of Visa and MasterCard international payment systems for their gift campaigns and incentive programs.”
“It is hard to overestimate the advantages of a payment card because its face value can be spent at absolutely any store, not limited by a specific retail chain. Undoubtedly, it is a qualitative improvement of customer experience of the end consumer, and we are very glad that it is this category that has become the winning one for our product. It is in our nearest plans to reinforce the direction of B2C sales and significantly extend the distribution network,” comments Lidiya Kostenko, head of CFT prepaid gift card department.