CFT-Bank is partially outsourced by Korea Exchange Bank Rus 

The 2nd stage of implementation of CFT-Bank complex has been successfully finished in Korea Exchange Bank Rus LLC (KEB Bank Rus LLC) - new ABS is totally ready for commercial operation. It is interesting that the system is partially outsourced by the developer – CFT Company.
The first stage of system implementation in KEB Bank RUS was finished in August 2014. Financial institution has transferred cash and settlement transactions and financial statements generation, etc. to the new ABS. Second stage products were successfully launched in December 2014, and the bank proceeded with connection to the processing center of RBS provider – a modern service of Internet- and mobile bank will be soon added to the line of financial institution’s products.
While implementing CFT-Bank system, KEB Bank RUS has made a decision on partial outsourcing of ABS. CFT Company has taken up part of functions of bank’s IT department: customer support, operation and evolving of CFT-Bank system. Partial ABS outsourcing will release the bank from solving a number of non-core issues related to IT infrastructure management.
Korea Exchange Bank Rus (KEB Bank Rus) is a subsidiary of Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) entering TOP-5 South Korean banks by asset volume.
KEB was organized in 1967. The bank it is primarily focused on providing services related to South Korean foreign commerce. In 2005 the bank has signed a partnership contract with the Russian VTB bank on trade transactions financing, then started performing RUB transactions, and in 2008 the bank has opened a representative office in Moscow.
In 2014 the Bank of Russia has given a permit to KEB for institution of a subsidiary office in Russia. CBR has issued a license to Korea Exchange Bank Rus in June, 2014 and in September there was held an official opening of the South Korean Bank’s branch Moscow.
KEB Bank RUS intends to widen the range of services provided to customers in Russia as well as to South Korean companies running or intending to run business in the country.