Golden Crown payment system solution was certified by UEC OJSC FAO

The solution of Golden Crown payment system for installation of a universal electronic card system in Russian regions successfully passed the expert examination of the federal authorized organization “Universal Electronic Card”. Module “Universal Electronic Card Register” (UECR) that supports operation of the information system of Authorized Organizations of Subjects AOS was officially acknowledged as conforming to the rules of UEC Unified Payment and Service System (UPSS).
According to the requirements of the federal legislation, 2013 will witness mass issue, delivery and servicing of universal electronic cards in all regions of the Russian Federation.  By this time all Authorized Organizations of the subjects of the Russian Federation must create and commence the software and hardware solution for project implementation, create telecommunication infrastructure for electronic services to make a step towards consumers, launch the issue of universal electronic cards and create the infrastructure for their use.
Complex product “AOS Information System” developed by Golden Crown PC allows implementing the whole set of functions of the Authorized Organization of the subject of the Russian Federation when organizing cooperation with the Federal Authorized Organization UEC OJSC, keeping a register of cards and applications, processing claims created and processed within the project framework. The solution allows constructing a unified information and service system with the infrastructure for servicing of UEC cards and target regional applications.
According to the examination results, the UECR module that is responsible for AOS operation in respect of order and issue of universal electronic cards conforms to the latest requirements of the Rules of UEC UPSS version 1.6 of February 16, 2012 and has been approved by UEC OJSC FAO  as a “typical software solution” for issuers of universal electronic cards.
“The use of a ready typical solution allows installing the AOS information system in a short time and with less risk. Apart from this, the procedure of examination of the conformity to the requirements of the Rules of UEC UPSS of AOS itself by a federal authorized organization becomes simplified, as typical solutions are verified beforehand and it is only required to perform configuration and final testing,” reads the official announcement of UEC OJSC Federal Authorized Organization.
“The main thing that AOS receives choosing the Golden Crown solution is the technology of turnkey launch and commencement of universal electronic card system in the region, plus a wide range of regional applications to make the AOS operation efficient. One of the main advantages of the solution is its flexible and rich functionality in the issue of regional applications – transport, medicine, housing and public utility, and others. Today Golden Crown is the official vendor of the solution for automation of the AOS in Voronezh and Orel,” says Petr Mazanov, Head of the Social Projects Unit of Golden Crown PC.